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Winter is best!

A lot of people dread saying hello to winter, but it’s not as bad as you might think! Here are some of the reasons why I am so in love with this wonderful season and why I can’t wait for it to arrive!

#1 Bonfire night

Toffee apples, warm drinks, statement coats and the smell of bonfire filled air. There’s something that makes me feel really happy and nostalgic on this night and I love it! A sneaky bag of sweets in your coat pocket will also make you the most popular person at the fireworks display!

#2 Mugs of tea

Winter is just one of those calm and snugly seasons. If anyone could tell you what they know me for, it would be my love of tea. It’s great at any time of day/night, but holding a mug of warmness on a winters day is pure happiness right there.

#3 Crispy evenings

I love how on a late winter’s night the air becomes really crispy and fresh, especially after it’s snowed. The streets turn so silent and still which makes me feel really peaceful. Even living in the city can feel like the country on a cold, peaceful winter’s night.

#4 Cosy fashion

Don’t get me wrong, the summer fashion this year was amazing, but nothing beats warm knitted jumpers, statement coats and bobbly hats. I miss layering! Topshop and NewLook are going to ruin my bank balance.

#5 No more sweaty betty

I can’t bear it. Thick air full of sweat and heat. Sticky skin and a shiny forehead. No thank you. Winter makes me feel lovely and fresh!

#6 Christmas candles and a peacefull space

One thing I love is being able to create my own space where I can relax, especially at winter time. I can’t wait to go out and purchase some Christmas candles to add to my bedroom, as well as fluffy blankets, patterned pillows and other winter themed things!

#7 Christmas movies

Let’s not lie, we all love a classic Christmas film. Even if it’s something which we’ve seen a billion times, it still succeeds in giving us that Christmasy feeling! My favourite would have to be The Nightmare Before Christmas… good ol jack!

#8 Smells

I don’t know if I’m the only one who thinks this, but doesn’t food and drink smell better come winter time? Soup, warm bread, baked cookies and coffee?!  Yes please!

So don’t dread winter getting here, embrace it, just like your fab new coat will embrace you and keep you warm! Look at it as a chance to enjoy chunky jumpers, fires and carbs! All the carbs! What do you love best about winter?


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