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Will you use reusable nappies?

If I’m honest, with both my kids, yes, I did think about it, for all of about ten minutes – I never really looked into reusable nappies properly. I do know they have many great benefits, but the thought of paying out the initial cost for them, plus the cost of washing and tumble drying them, especially in the winter months, just sounded like too much money and way too much hassle to be bothered with. I do feel that I probably didn’t give them a fair chance though – I should have researched into them more. So, that is why I am going to tell you about the top brilliant reasons to use reusable nappies instead of the disposable kind.

One thing that I really didn’t know about reusable nappies, is that you can purchase trial packs of them, so you don’t have to pay out a small fortune for the twenty or so you will actually need. Wow, what a brilliant idea! Apparently they are so much better for your bambino’s skin. They leave your baby’s bottom a lot drier and therefore, less prone to nappy rash – brilliant. You can basically pick any natural fabric of your liking for them to be made out of. There is such a selection of materials to choose from, including bamboo and cotton.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, they are more environmentally friendly. Reusable nappies can be up to 40% better for the environment than the disposable variety. This figure, also includes washing machine usage but for air drying only – with our weather, this isn’t exactly always practical, is it?

They may save you money in the long run – note the may! Experts reckon that you could spend as little as £200 kitting out your little one in reusable nappies until they are toilet trained. Bare in mind most mum’s spend nearer £500 on disposable ones.

Babies often feel straight away when their reusable nappies are wet, which means that they feel the difference between wet and dry at an earlier stage. This in turn can help make potty training easier when the time comes.

They are very, very easy to use. Don’t worry, reusable nappies have come along way since terry towels and safety pins! There is a huge selection of designs to choose from, plain to funky, brightly coloured patterns. They come with press-stud fasteners, which makes them incredibly easy to put on and take off again.

So, there we have it, the fantastic benefits of using reusable nappies. I can’t say that I am definitely convinced to be honest. Yes, I can see that they do indeed have many pluses to them but I don’t like that they only, ‘may,’ save you money. Also, if they were easier to dry then that would make them even better in my eyes. I think I’d be more likely to buy some to use at home, but buy disposal ones to use when out and about, I don’t know, lots to think about I guess.

What do you use with your baby? Tell me, I’m interested to know.


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