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Piece of natural soap with thyme.

Wild Argan Oil

I’m literally SO excited about this new range from the Body Shop. I know Argan Oil has been around a while now and it seems the Body Shop are one of the last to jump on the band wagon but I am SO glad they have!


In their Wild Argan Oil range they have a dry oil, lip balm, shower gel, solid oil,┬ábody butter and scrub and….a BUBBLE BATH! I haven’t seen a Body Shop bubble bath for a good while now!

Now as I mentioned before I used to work for the BS and I did truly love it but there never seems to be anything really that new and exciting so this is amazing. I will be purchasing the Bubble bath for sure!

I have also been using Argan Oil for my hair and the difference is incredible. I pop it on and leave it for 10-15mins, then I wash it off with my normal shampoo then condition my hair and its so soft and silky.

What Argan oil products do you swear by?

(Image from www.bodyshop.co.uk)


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