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my wife!

Searching for that special one is never easy….

I found mine,  she is my wife…..!

Don’t get me wrong, I am not gay, but my wife is more than my bestie, she carries my heart, my soul and my laughter and more important, would never drop them.

Through miserable failed relationships, tears,  tantrums and pain….she is my solace!

She is the one I call when things go wrong,  she is the one I sit in bed and giggle with,  she is the one who shares senseless conversations through tears of uncontrollable laughter,  she is the one who’s shoulder I cry on and the one who knows me best.

My wife is the one who comes to stay so my boyfriend is evicted from the bedroom,  the one who eats marmite. ….wtf?? And the one who doesn’t even answer my questions….she glares…lol.

My dear, dear wife! I would literally die for her. When all else is not so good, my wife arrives….and the laughter begins.

I do have to forgive her some things….definitely the marmite obsession,  oh and the total obsessive salt addiction, and the fact she is way skinnier than me…..!

So hard to not share clothes….!

I find it funny that I can never accept a man quite the Way I do my wife!

Why is that?  I fear men throw things back to hurt you, they moan about complacency and lack of support.  They want sex….even after a 16 hour work day and sorting the kids!

My wife arrives with a bottle of wine in one hand and a takeout in the other!

If I have no food in she laughs, if the house looks like Bhagdad she gets comfy and if I look like crap she tells me…lol

All of which….she never judges me!

Is the difference between a man and my wife simply sex or is the fact that men and women are just so very different?

I write this as I giggle to myself at me landing at her house, whilst she is in bed with her husband. …he hugs me and says hi, then gets out of bed, takes my daughter and leaves with the look on his face of see you tomorrow lol!

It is a strange feeling to not be with her, many weekends together with our kids and friends, nowadays she is further away but she is still my wife!

I never found my life partner but I definitely found my wife.

She came into this world on the date my dad left, she was sent to me, I am sure.

Everyday I am thankful that I never got the perfect husband but I sure got the perfect wife!



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