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What’s the Life Span of a Trend?

Trend has to be one of the most common used terms in the world of fashion and although we generally all understand its meaning we often forget how trends are created. In order for something (whether it`s a fashion item or any other modern product) to become a trend it has to be used massively by the mainstream public. Similar characteristics are linked into a whole and whether it`s created spontaneously or artificially it drives attention and creates a hype. Whenever something is popular amongst the mainstream public we can call it a trend.

It’s interesting how some trends emerge and how some never leave the pages of fashion magazines. I once read an interesting article on this topic, the point being that fashion magazines and other media tend to put similar design ideas onto one page, calling them a trend. I would call that an artificial trend since those don’t always translate to the public. Nowadays most of the trends evolve on the streets and they’re quite different than the ones you see in fashion magazines or blogs. When I say streets I mean being worn by regular people or celebrities (models, editors, actors…). Of course one person wearing something doesn’t make it a trend, but when it`s interesting enough and it shows up on a street style blog it catches the attention of trend setters.

People who adopt the trend first are the trend spotters, the cool kids if you will. They’re the ones who make it public, who make it wanted and popular. Once that happens brands take the opportunity and start producing the trend massively. Now you can see it in every store, on all the fashion blogs and taking over the sidewalks.

I started writing this post because I realized that although I’m great at spotting trends I’m definitely not one of the cool kids who would wear a trend before it really becomes a trend. I’m one of those people who can love a trend but it takes time before I can translate it to my wardrobe. I could say I have a pretty distinguished style so whenever a new trend occurs I take time to examine if it fits my style and how I would use it in my outfits. Sometimes I’m lucky and a trend is totally my style but lately trends have not been in my favor. I caught myself loving trends when they’re not really popular anymore.

That spurred on a question: “what’s the life span of a trend?”

Some trends last for seasons, even years – silhouettes for instance (just think of skinny jeans and fitted jackets or Dior’s new look), some are not so tenacious and die after a season. My problem is adopting trends when everyone else seems to be bored with them already. Does that make me a fashion loser? I sure hope not. Since I only catch up on trends that actually fit my style I don’t care so much if they’re a trend or not. If others feel the same, does that mean trend setters don’t have their own style? Does adopting everything that’s new without editing make you incredibly cool or just someone without a clear view of who you are, someone that’s craving for attention? I have to say I have much more respect for those who work their own style, no matter if that dress was last a trend in the 60s or if that jacket never saw the style pages. It shows character. It shows personality.


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