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What’s in my gym bag

As someone who visits the gym at least seven times every week, I can safely say I have seen almost everything – both good and bad – and I know how to tell a newbie from a veteran. Rookie gym goers are often shy, try to stay away from complex machines and tend to converge in groups. Veterans are louder, more boastful and compete among themselves. Another excellent way to tell the difference between these two groups is to take a peek into their gym bag.

Newbies carry everything they don’t need: makeup, huge earrings and watches, even alcohol. Those with more experience keep their packing to a minimum and always know what they have and where. In the hopes of helping you pack for your next workout, here’s a look at what’s in my bag.

A full head of hair

One of the things I always have in my bag, actually several things, is a bunch of hairclips, scrunchies and the like. I used to have two, but I kept either lending them to others and never getting them back, or forgetting to put them back after taking a shower, so now I have at least five.

I know it seems to be quite an obvious thing and a small one as well, but you wouldn’t believe the number of girls who never bother to have one and then they keep fussing over their hair. If you want to put some effort into your looks at the gym, you can always try to do a bun, or a braid, or anything else that will keep your hair from falling all over the place.

The importance of a towel

Another massively overlooked item is a simple towel. Most people seem to believe they won’t need one, but after that tenth lunge, they start to think otherwise.

Fundamental gym etiquette requires you to wipe down every piece of equipment after you have used it, but I often run into literal pools of sweat. I won’t even mention the yuck factor. So, in order to prevent both disapproving glances and a series of potential injuries, pack a towel, please. In fact, buy nolvadex from uk pack at least two. And don’t forget to change them after every workout.

You are what you wear

Another basic element of gym bag packing – choose what you wear with care! Too tight tops, short shorts and ridiculously inappropriate shoes are an everyday sight in every gym.

Whatever you choose to wear to a workout need to be first and foremost – comfortable. You need to have a full range of motion and be able to perform every exercise without anything pulling and pinching. Don’t wear bottoms that are too wide – they will keep getting caught in snags and you’ll start to worry more about that than doing what you are supposed to be doing. Another bad idea is to wear full cotton shirts – while cotton is perfect for everyday wear and will certainly absorb all the sweat, it will not dry in time and you’ll soon start to feel like a damp rag.

So, in order to feel as comfortable as you can, find yourself some quality gym wear – don’t buy a T-shirt in the half-off bin: invest a bit more into something that will last. You also need to differentiate between outdoor and indoor shoes – you can’t lift in what you run. Socks are also an important factor to consider and a proper pair of athletic sock will go a long way.

You are also what you eat

Finally, after you are done with your workout, you need to eat something. You might not feel hungry, but your body needs to replenish all the fuel it has just spent. It doesn’t have to be a full-blown meal, a tasty snack will do just as well.  If you don’t want to be one of those people who bring food to the gym in a plastic container, you can bring something pre-packaged, but know what you buy – most of the stuff you find on supermarket shelves is full of additives and sugars, which will not help your goal for a leaner figure.

I hope this guide will help you get ready for your next gym adventure, and help you focus more on your reps!


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