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What not to store in the fridge…

When I read about certain foods and how to store them, I thought I know this. I have been doing it for years. As well as nosing in friends fridges and cupboards. It’s something you do on a regular basis and surely you just know? Well I got a little surprise on a couple of them.


Now I store mine in the fridge. Oh how I was wrong. Apparently if you put tomatoes in the fridge they will lose flavour as the cold air stops the ripening process and breaks down the membranes. You should keep in a bowl or basket. How many of you put them in the fridge??


Who on earth puts potatoes in the fridge?? I got this one right. You should always store in a paper bag in a dark cool place. If put in the fridge they will go gritty and sweet as the cold air turns starch into sugar more quickly.


Again! Who on earth puts bread in a fridge? I have never seen that in my life. Bread is to be kept out in a bread bin or side and if not going to be used straight away it can be put in the freezer. If put in the fridge it dries out. Mmmm yuck!


I do both, put in the cupboard and in the fridge. And apparently you shouldn’t put in the fridge as the onions moisture turns them soft and mouldy. Would explain why they don’t keep for long. Keep them in a cool dry place.


I mean come on! Everyone knows it goes in a coffee tin, right next to the sugar and tea by the kettle on the kitchen side. Who would put it in the fridge? If you do, you need to change your habit as keeping it in the fridge it loses its flavour and can absorb some of the smells around it.


Now this is something I don’t buy but if you do, don’t put in the fridge as it wilts faster. It can absorb smells. Best way to store it is in a cup of fresh water.

I hope this had put to rest any issues you may have had on how to store certain foods. It certainly opened my eyes to think there are some numpties storing coffee in a fridge!


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