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Weekend party diary

Yesterday, after quite a long time, I felt the need to go out and get crazy, dance the night away, meet some strangers and make a fool out of myself. You know, to have a proper Friday night out. Well… as I’m writing this it’s Friday and things are not going quite as planned. Let’s start at the beginning…

Until a few years ago I was known as quite a party animal, in my student years I went out up to 5 times per week. I did a lot of crazy things, let me tell you. Clubbing was my relief, my outlet, my way to get rid of the stress and fill up the batteries, however crazy that may sound. I knew everyone in the club, from the bouncers to world renowned dj’s and I don’t remember ever paying for the entrance although many times it wasn’t cheap. I was having the time of my life. After a while though it got a bit boring. The music changed, the people changed and the atmosphere changed. I got other priorities and suddenly I realised I was going out barely a few times per year. I do miss the dancing and leaving my troubles at the entrance and just letting go for the night, which is why yesterday it finally hit me, I need to call my boys and have a good night of booty shaking. As I’ve said, it didn’t go as planned so let’s go through the timeline and the though process of a 29-year old on a regular weekend.

12:57 My friends are going out because I insisted yesterday I need a night out, just to decide today I feel guilty spending all this money for one night. Just to be clear I live an hour outside the city and are unemployed at the moment.
17:34 I still feel like I should make a night out of it. It’s been too long since my last party and with days feeling so much alike I don’t even know what a Friday is anymore. Ok, I deserve a little treat!
17:45 I go to the local supermarket and buy a bottle of Martini. I think that bottle was there ever since I moved to this town about a year and a half ago.
17:52 I invite my brother to for a drink this evening, this should be fun!
18:14 I’m looking to download a movie for our very casual drink-off. Nothing appropriate and we already watched Project X on another occasion.
18:31 I started watching the latest episode of Project Runway, yes I’m a sucker for fashion reality, bite me!
20:03 I just had a nice sandwich for dinner. Ok, I’m lying, I had two, but in my defense they were really small.
20:22 I think I ate too much because now I don’t feel like drinking anymore. Partypooper!
20:39 I had a long shower thinking that I planned this night all wrong. Still don’t feel like getting drunk, but I am thirsty though. Hmmm… maybe I’m up for a turn of events.
21:08 Someone wrote on my friends FB wall: “Do I know how to go out anymore?” that makes me feel like our generation is doomed already. Bye excitement and adventure, hello knitting and infomercials.
21:27 I got an idea for this article so now I’m behind my laptop instead of focusing on the drinking.
21:43 I Skype messaged my brother across the hall if he’s up for drinking yet. No response. Looks like I may be going solo.
22:10 Martini cocktails are ready, woohooo!
23:21 Somehow we decided to make it a 1999’s party and we listen to Eiffel 65 and Vengaboys. Having such a good giggle about the videos of the 90s.
12:43 Watching “Sex Tape” movie, not the best choice to watch with your siblings… also kinda running out of booze.
1:14 Switched to Scarface. Can you imagine, my brother never saw it.
3:05 I can barely keep my eyes open. I decide to call it a night and leave my brother with what’s known to be one of the best movie endings of all time.

10:11 A text message wakes me up. I have a minor headache so I decide to sleep it off.
12:32 I finally crawl out of bed.
12:40 Coffee!!
12:51 Checking Facebook. My father working outside with a chainsaw does not help my hangover at all.
13:55 Family lunch. Feel so much better now.
14:13 Spending my Saturday like usual – working. As a writer/blogger/journalist I don’t really have a schedule, meaning the more I write, the more I earn, so weekends are usually spent working.
17:16 My hand feels numb already, I think that’s a sign I have enough writing for today. Moving forward to my favorite Saturday activity – watching comedy series.
19:20 Time for my evening ritual: diner and a shower.
20:02 Back to my laptop. Not even registering it’s Saturday night and most of the young people are having the time of their lives. Meh, I’m just as good snuggling in my bed.
00:49 Over and out.
3:04 Can’t sleep. Our neighbors are having a party. They’re 40, how ironic.

10:24 I’m up and craving coffee.
11:37 Helping set up a table for a family lunch. My mum and brother are both celebrating their birthdays, so all family is gathered together.
12:01 Replying to emails and waiting for Sunday lunch. Gotta squeeze some work in between doing nothing.
12:32 Finally lunch.
13:27 My family is so loud. When they start talking about some reality show, that’s my queue to leave.
13:38 I lock myself in the room and since I have nothing better to do, I decide to work.
16:02 Thinking if I should continue writing for work or switch to pleasure… my blog needs some attention.
17:44 I’m finally done with work. It’s Sunday for God’s sake!
18:03 Couldn’t help myself, started working on my blog. Just one post, I swear!
18:18 Unexpected Skype call from my boyfriend. That just made my day.
19:10 It’s time for the evening routine: diner and a shower.
19:49 Deciding on whether I should do some more writing or switch over to my series. Currently on my watch list: Entourage.
19:54 I’m so annoyed by this fly, it’s literally in my face.
20:06 Searching for a smoothie-maker as a present for my mum… and myself.
20:12 Watching House of Cards.
00:32 Time to call it a night.

The weekend is officially over. It was actually quite eventful and I’m not being sarcastic here. Usually there’s far less people in the house, far less noise, far less food and far less booze. I’m not sure my message came across but that’s just it, if you managed to come to the end of this post than maybe it wasn’t all that boring. Yes, the life of a 29-year old.


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