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“On Wednesdays we wear pink” – Fashion Work Woes.

Well hello there!

I am very glad I have stumbled across this site to write and share information with other like minded females. I have a little old blog of my own, and it is fueled by Rioja and dodgy dating experiences- however today I wanted to get an opinion (and hopefully some ideas) on the dreaded fashion in the office.

Now I am not a highly fashionable person. Generally my staples are big hair, a ton of eyeliner and some sort of coat (I get cold easily.) I have had dubious dip dye sessions, and I am going to be honest, I can’t walk in heels. Honestly it’s like if you put Bambi in stilettos- ankles and knees going all over the place. I have to be strapped in for the life of me and even then hopefully holding on to the arm of a willing man/friend/stranger/lamppost. And Covent Garden cobbles? Don’t even think about it.

So my question is what does one wear to the office? And especially, what does one wear when it is Summer?

I currently work in a rather trendy advertising agency as a junior account handler, and this poses all sorts of problems. Where the Creative floor can get away with hiding behind Macs and cutting tables in flip flops and band tees, there is generally some sort of client presence on my floor. Jeans and casual wear are allowed – but there is a line when it comes to summer dressing – however hot it may be.

Now ideally I would run to Zara and spend a small buy tamoxifen pct fortune on mid length dresses and peach coloured blazers. But sadly I am a recent graduate. I have a staggering overdraft, and a new addition to the family- a credit card. Thus my limitations are Primark and maybe, if I feel like splurging – New Look.

Desperate times people. In order that I don’t look like I’m either going to a festival, or that my Spanish assets (ahem) are on show I ended up buying a medley of odd garments on a post pay day shopping trip. I have ended up with something that resembles a tribal ‘snuggie’ and a denim shirt which i have been ultimately living in, in an attempt to look cool, artsy and decent at all times. Dresses seem to be either too short, too clingy or too revealing, and leggings just make me look like I’m about to go for a run.

A year ago today I was travelling across Asia (thanks Timehop- the app that never fails to depress on a Monday morning) and sometimes  I wish I could just dig out the elephant trousers, whack on some flip flops, and rock up to the office with my hair nearing dreadlocks.

I feel like my clients may have something to say about that though.  Women folk please help as I have started staring at people steadily on the tube for some sort of fashion inspiration to hit me. And my denim shirt needs washing.


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