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Waxing Lyrical

It still amazes me how obsessed modern day feminism is with pubic hair removal. You think you’ve read it all and then once again, an over-excited blogger springs out of nowhere denouncing all women who enjoy a monthly wax. This is not a critique of feminism. I identify as a feminist myself. I am just bored of the hypocrisy of being told what I should and should not do to my own body.

It was claimed in a recent blog post that body hair is a feminist’s “war-paint”. Wrong. Knowledge, choice and an open mind are a feminist’s weapons for battle. Hairy armpits do not increase my sense of empowerment. Quite frankly, I find the obsession with women removing their body hair disempowering. I feel I am repeatedly being chastised and being told that although I think I am making my own choices; I am not – I do not know myself and every time I wax my legs I am succumbing to men’s ideals and desires.

We are constantly asking world leaders to stop making decisions which are controlling women’s reproductive rights. Pro-choice campaigns have gone viral, asking the government to get out of our uterus’ and too right they should. Reproduction affects lives. Waxing does not. So feminists – please get out of my pants?

I recently read a piece in the Independent reporting that a physician was launching an appeal to end the “war on pubic war”. She asserts that young women are putting themselves at greater risk of infection and STI’s by removing their pubic hair. Of course, I am not arguing she’s wrong; she’s totally right – the hair is there for a reason. My point is – are we not being told on a daily basis about the different risks we are all exposing ourselves to by eating, drinking and acting in certain ways? It’s 2012 and according to ‘research’ everything gives us cancer.

The use of pubic hair as front line for the fight for equality is futile; it doesn’t matter whether you choose to love, respect and worship your hairy armpits or not – the point is, you should have the choice and in equal respect, I should have the choice to wax without feeling I am letting down woman-kind.

The world is a mess. We have bigger issues to tackle than what is going on inside your or my knickers: women and girls across the world are still being denied an education, pushed into early and forced marriage, subjected to violence in the home, school and workplace, raped as a weapon of war, forced into female genital mutilation …the list goes on.

So if you don’t mind me – I am going to focus my time, attention and strength on helping these girls and women and fighting the issues that threaten their lives on a daily basis and continue to wax my vagina.


  • Amy Tocknell says:

    GREAT piece. Am I a feminist? YES. Do I have smooth armpits, legs and a carefully sculpted pubic area? HECK YES! The two can go together! xx

  • When Cameron Diaz and others were going on about this a while back I felt like I was doing something wrong. It felt like she was saying ‘If you were strong you wouldn’t shave down there’ … but I want to. These things shouldn’t be an issue!xx

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