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WARNING! The foods you should NEVER eat!

I’m sure there are certain foods you can’t stand to eat, for some it’s possibly mushrooms or broccoli, for me it’s olives – yuck! Usually, this is down to our own personal, specific tastes or a case of what textures we do or do not like in our mouths. However, nutritionists have recently said that there a many foods out there that we shouldn’t be eating, some contain ingredients that are proven to cause cancer, while others are high in toxins or chemicals- what?! Yes, I know, and supermarkets still sell them!! You must be aware that some of these ‘dark,’ ingredients aren’t even listed on the food packaging.

Apparently, according to experts, the resin lining on tinned tomatoes contain a synthetic estrogen called, BPA (bisphenol- A.) This synthetic compound is linked to health problems, such as, heart disease, diabetes and obesity. As the levels of BPA are significantly high in our bodies, the synthetic compound actually suppresses sperm production and can also cause chromosomal damage to our eggs. Scarily enough, you actually consume fifty micrograms of BPA in every litre of tinned tomatoes you use. This terrifying obstacle can be easily overcome, just buy tomatoes in either glass bottles\jars or in cardboard packaging instead.

The butter flavouring that is used on the popcorn has an additive in it called diacetyl. This chemical can be so harmful to the factory workers who package up the popcorn; it actually has a known occupational disease linked with it – ‘popcorn lung.’ Due to the effects, some companies no longer use this additive, but have replaced it with a different one. However, this chemical under specific conditions, will turn into the diacetyl anyway. So, how come we don’t know about this then? Neither of these two additives need to be mentioned on the popcorn packaging because they are used under their title of, ‘secret recipe.’ You can easily make your own popcorn at home with melted butter on it.

Any diet food product or drink or any sugar free product, all contain artificial sweeteners. Some include, sucralose, neotame and aspartame, to name but a few – infact the long list of possible ones is scary! There is a huge amount of controversy surrounding this subject area and research suggests that these compounds are directly linked to health issues. Health problems linked to these artificial compounds, include, weight gain, joint pain, cancer, neurological diseases and depressions, again, scarily enough, to only name but a few. You’re far better avoiding them completely or having a full fat version.

When growing non organic strawberries, the farmers who are spraying the crops with pesticides where decontamination suits, because they are applying known dangerous chemicals to the fruit. There is apparently roughly thirteen different chemicals used on the same strawberry, and we eat them! I guess it’s not so bad when you can wash the fruit, like an apple, it has a tough skin, but a strawberry has a very soft, permeable outer skin – mmm lovely?! Researchers, by law, are not allowed to take photographs of the chemicals being sprayed, hmmmm I wonder why? So, it’s definitely best to buy organic in this case.

Well, I for one, find the above information rather scary and it certainly shows that you do not know what you eat. All I can say from the above, is that, packaging labels need to be more specific and chemical regulations in factories need to be improved. Surely, we have a basic human right to know what actually goes into the food we eat? So, I don’t know about you, but I am off to look through my kitchen cupboards.


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