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Walk until your shoes fall apart

Paris. What other destination would be perfect for a romantic trip? Although I had some prejudice regarding Paris, I decided: let it be Paris. It was such a cliché to me, but the flight tickets were so cheap it would be a sin not to go there. So I went. We went.


As I have already learnt, it is not a real journey if everything goes smoothly, without any problems. Firstly, our transport to the airport in Croatia was late and then when we landed in Paris and successfully found out where our hotel was, I almost had a heart attack! Our room was so dirty, from the walls and floor to the linens. It was disgusting. At first, I was pissed off because we had to sacrifice our precious time in order to find new accommodation, as we were only there for four days, so we decided to go sightseeing and at the same time, search for a room. Our mission was a success and we found a really nice room in a small hotel near Place de la Republique.


As I stated earlier, we only had four days for sightseeing, so we visited only the most famous attractions like the Eiffel Tower, which is the one of the things I have had a lingering cliché prejudice about, but know what? I really liked it! We went at night and it was magnificent with all the lighting and then we came back one morning to take a tour. We also visited the Sacred Heart Basilica of Montmartre, Notre Dame Cathedral and some other places like the Arc de Triumph which was so difficult to climb up on! When I finally was at the top, I felt like I climbed Mt. Everest and had to rest on a bench for a while. While standing in line to enter the Louvre Museum seems to be the norm, I proved, once again, that I am sightseeing force to be reckoned with because we arrived so early that almost no one was there. No waiting for hours to buy tickets for us.

Paris is one art, by which I mean that the whole city is one beautiful work of art. It was a natural decision to walk as much we could instead of using public transportation. After four days of walking, my new shoes literally fell apart.


What I enjoyed the most was definitely The Latin Quarter. I like to try different cuisines, so we ate at some French restaurants where we had a complete menu for 15 €, with included desert or coffee, but my favorite was a Moroccan restaurant where the food was so delicious and abundant. Everything I ate was so tasty that the coffee was the only thing I disliked.

So, my conclusion is: Paris, je t’aime! And see you soon!


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