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Wait for ‘Mr. Right’ or get a ‘Mr. Right Now’?

Growing up, it was drummed into me that you should ‘never meet anyone you meet online’. So why now, in 2016, am I considering meeting a guy (I hope) I spoke to on POF (Plenty of Fish)?

I have been single a ridiculously long time, because I’m very picky. The reason I’m picky is that I know what I want for a first boyfriend. Most of my friends dated in high school, but I didn’t like any of the guys there. Or the ones in college. A couple of guys at uni and work caught my eye, but nothing ever really happened.

The topic came up during a girly chat with my best friends of 15 years. I work 60+ hours a week and my social life is appalling. She mentioned that the website wasn’t as bad as it used to be and that one of their friends is actually engaged to someone they met online. I considered it but I weighed both the pros and cons. Yes, the Internet is full of creeps and not everyone is who they portray they are online, but I am 25 and a relationship doesn’t look like it’s going to happen the way I’m going, so what’s the harm in trying?

I made a profile, uploaded a reasonable profile picture and within minutes I was bombarded with messages from men. I was quite shocked that only a couple of messages were instantly blocked due to the content. The majority genuinely seem like nice guys, but some of them didn’t like that I wasn’t sure what I wanted.

Why join a dating site if you just want to be friends first?’

Well I’m sorry, but that’s my personal preference. I’m not going to spread my legs for any Tom, Dick or Harry. I was curious to join and did, that’s all. If I choose to get to know someone first then that is my choice.

Another wanted to meet me after 5 messages and gave me his number. I said no as the conversation was the whole, ‘Hey, How are you? What you up to? Let’s meet?’ I barely knew the guy. No exchange about hobbies or anything and straight away he turned vile and got blocked.

I am regretting joining this site. I believe when it’s time for you to meet someone, you just meet. Face to face, but the Internet is making it way too easy to prove me wrong. That doubt in the back of my head will always hold me back meeting someone on the Internet, but what if my Mr. Right is out there?


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