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Viva Vita Coco!

Two men met two Brazilian women in a New York bar and a business was born. Ok, so it sounds like the opening to a joke but this really is how Vita Coco came about. I wonder if those two women know how influential their bar talk was?

I recently received a lovely box from Vita Coco, with one of each of their flavours to try. I had previously tasted the original, so was already a fan and really excited to try the other flavours.


I think that the way a company packages their products can tell you a lot about them. A company that spends time and money on creating packaging that not only protects your items but also looks beautiful, shows they love and care about what they are selling, their customers and the whole experience. Vita Coco are a prime example as my box of goodies looked like it had been shipped straight from a beach in Brazil, a brilliant touch.


Vita Coco is 100% natural coconut water, meaning it has no added sugars or preservatives and is full of naturally occurring essential electrolytes. As a result, an increasing number of athletes are turning to these natural drinks to replenish them after physical activity instead of sports drinks.

The package also contained some recipe cards full of great ideas for fancy drinks.


I tried the raspberry lemonade, it was easy to make and delicious. These would be a great addition to any party, adding a slice of sophistication for your guests to enjoy.


If you haven’t tried coconut water before, it does have a very unique taste. It’s hard to describe as there is nothing I can compare it to. It’s thicker than tap water and a bit sour, which doesn’t sound appealing but personally, I love it. If you are not keen on the original taste then the fruit ones are sweeter and definitely worth a try, especially as they have so many health benefits. Its’ wonderful to find a range of drinks that are naturally good for you and taste delicious.

Having tried all of the flavours my favourite two are the peach and mango and the cafe latte, absolutely devine! They are refreshing, nutritional, thirst quenching and hydrating, everything you need from a drink. I also love how these come in 330ml cartons with screw tops so you can drink them on the go.


Vita Coco is available in a number of high street stores including Boots, Tesco, Asda and Costco.

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(The opinions expressed are mine alone. The products were kindly supplied by Vita Coco.)


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