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Valentine’s – who’s coming for dinner?

My Valentines’ Days were limited, dear reader, probably because I argued so much to keep them away. Why? This day was sacred for chatting up the next man or teaching a big head a lesson and popping that big ego. There were some that were allowed to stick around; Titch, Richard, George (I had no choice,I lived with him) and Carl had the sense to travel to see me after Valentine’s Day. This day asserted my independence from ‘the gush’ that goes on.

Eros definitely did not point his bow in my direction, though his mother, Aphrodite and his father, Ares the God of War, tried their best. Cupid was a like cherub but with a mischievous air about him. Carl was elsewhere on that day, but I got a card, which considering he was younger and not working, was a lot. With Titch it was get pissed and talk about world affairs, eat more food and fall asleep. Richard was chocolate and wine up by the West End; copious amounts of drinking and a dancing.

Would I have Valentine’s Day any other way? Well I would consider it in the Maldives, away from everyone, with my favourite partner. Sightseeing, walking along the beach, swimming with dolphins and boozy dinners.

Eros or Cupid, take your pick. Valentine’s is just another day in your life. You can play along and make it special, whether it  be with friends or a partner, by doing something different because otherwise it can become like a pair of old holey socks; familiar,worn and ordinary. So lets shake out the Cupid blues and approach Valentine’s with a fresh attitude.


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