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Valentine’s special- Library of Fragrance review

Do you like experimenting with different fragrances? Is one just not enough? Then look no further because the Library of Fragrance is here for you ladies!

‘Originally established in 1996, Demeter set out to create fragrances that captured all the wonderful smells that surround us every day, but are too often under appreciated in our busy, pressured, multi-tasking world. The first three scents belonging to the collection – Dirt, Grass and Tomato – were launched at Bergdorf Goodman in New York City. With the brand quickly gathering a loyal cult following, the concept soon expanded to include an even broader range of smells – no matter how odd or unusual – and scents such as Gin & Tonic, Baby Powder and even Play-Doh began to populate the library.’

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Doesn’t this sound amazing? I knew I had to try this out.

The lovely ladies at The Library of Fragrance sent me a wonderful variety of fragrances to try. The first ones I tried were ‘Thunderstorm’ and ‘Patchouli‘. All the fragrances are designed to smell great together, or on their own. These two smell just incredible when worn together! A mixture of drama, passion and intensity.

Photo 22-01-2015 2 54 49 pm

‘Thunderstorm’ actually does smell like the after effects of when a storm has hit. It’s just incredible how they can bottle such intense smells.

I have to admit I had no idea what ‘Patchouli’ was but it smells gorgeous!

‘Earthy and distinctive, our Patchouli fragrance is a full bodied, but elegant presentation of this classical accord, which has been used in perfumery for centuries and became an iconic emblem of the 1960s and 1970s ‘hippie’ movement.

This fragrant herb, with egg-shaped leaves gives off its odour when rubbed. The whitish flowers are tinged with purple. The crop is cut two or three times a year when the leaves are dried and packed into bales for export and distillation of the prized oil – the scent of which, improves with age.’


Photo 28-01-2015 1 30 46 pm

The three seen above are collectively known as ‘Sex On The Beach’. Yes I wondered why too! They include ‘Jasmine’, ‘Orange Blossom’ and ‘Four Leaf Clover’ and put together they do create a passionate, yet refreshing smell.

What I love about all of these is that they are not so strong that they can’t be worn on their own. They create a whole new dynamic and are perfect for everyday use.

Why not drop him some subtle hints! Here’s the website to get yours http://thelibraryoffragrance.com/

(All opinions expressed have been entirely my own and not influenced by anyone else. Products kindly given by the respected company)


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