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Be your own valentine!

I decided a few years ago that I would make Valentine’s day about loving myself and those around me, as genuinely and freely as possible, not allowing myself to get swept up in the corporate holiday. I want to highlight the importance of loving yourself this Valentine’s Day.

This year will be my first year with a valentine, actually not my boyfriend at the moment, but we have agreed to be each other’s valentine! And as much I am excited to experience this day by sharing it with another, I have felt really crappy on this day in years past. Bombarded with chocolate boxes, billboards and cards from every direction as you walk down the high street, you can almost feel the taunting energy for those who haven’t yet met that ‘special someone’ yet. It can be pretty darn painful, I get it, we are all longing for that big love, but don’t forget that you are your own special person and you deserve that Love from yourself.

Other people come and go but you will be in a relationship with yourself for the rest of your life.

So why not make it a good one right?

Go on a valentine’s date with you! Buy yourself those gorgeous deep red roses, your favourite chocolate and a bottle of bubbly. Drink it in a gorgeous crystal glass, dress up for yourself, light some candles and fall in love with YOU! Or you can plan a group valentine’s party with your other single friends. How empowering is that?!

It is not the destiny of every man and woman ‘alone’ on Valentine’s Day to resign themselves to a night in their pyjamas in front the telly, crying into a bottle of wine after stuffing their face with half price chocolates (Bridget Jones anyone), however, I don’t judge anyone who does do that because I myself have been there in the past, but I say NO MORE! I feel that, especially for women in our culture, there is this deep shame in admitting that you are single and therefore don’t have a valentine. But is everyone in a relationship truly happy? And is every single person lonely? Definitely not, it is all about how you choose to perceive it. Love is not reserved only for romantic purposes; everyone deserves love because that’s what we are all made of.

The partner will come, no doubt about that and he or she will be much more attracted to you the more you love who you are first. So let’s break the silence and know that there are many very happy single folks all throughout the year.

If you do happen to have a date and have found your chosen mate for this time, I honour you and I hope that you have a great time! Whether you are currently single, or in a relationship, I hope that you make this February 14th about loving the wonder that is YOU!

Love from Jennifer.


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