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Using What You Got to Get What You Want

It’s a common theme in movies and books: sexy woman or man uses natural sensuality and sexual favors to climb the corporate and social ladders. Sexy woman or man realizes that as the aging process progresses, he or she may not be able to rely on animal sex and good looks to keep them in the live they’ve become accustomed to.

The endings in these movies, however, can vary somewhere between two different scenarios. Either the sexpot fails to do something different to accommodate a decline in sexual skills and they decline as well because they have nothing to fall back on, or he or she learns to rely on other gifts they may have.

There’s a reason these stories end in some variation of the two above ways: these are true stories based on countless true tales of people who advance in their careers and in their social circles by using sex to get ahead.

For some people who use sex to gain favor, this is something they do their entire lifetimes until they are no longer able to continue doing so—trust and believe that there is an end game when it comes to sex as a dealmaker. As soon as they learn the power in their sexuality, they nurture this talent and decipher the secret, natural message that sex sends to others. They sleep with whomever they have to in an effort to achieve their goals.

In these cases, the only positive to using sex to get in the door is in the fact that it’s a natural skill. This is also the biggest con to using sex to make things happen. Since it’s natural, it’s a common commodity. Simply put, everyone has what these people have and at some point in time, someone who can work these tools better than the first person can slide right into that person’s slot.

There will always be someone who is younger, more experienced, better looking, or better equipped who is eyeing the same goals and positions. Along with these people are those spectators who watch the ascent and don’t believe the first sexpot had any talents in the first place except the gift of sex, and they will gleefully watch the decline.

For others who use sex as their key to a golden life, this beginning is simply that, a beginning to bigger and better things. Once they get their foot in the door, they’re able to parlay the opportunity into a chance to develop their other skills and talents so that they have a back-up plan when the sex isn’t as powerful as it used to be.

These people will often find more satisfaction—pun not intended— in life because they have the assurance that their positions, while at first granted through sexuality, are cemented in true skill and hard work. Sex may be an advantage to open doors that are typically closed to most, but it is not the ideal way to maintain what one truly desires in the workplace or in society.


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