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Is university worth it?

This is something I have been wondering since I graduated. University life was filled with ups and downs. I loved the course but I did struggle with it a lot. I’m still surprised now that I passed. Students are now being charged £9000 a year to study. I suppose when I was in college you have to grow up very quickly and plan out your future. I was if-ing and err-ing on 2 different paths; writer or teacher? I tried for the primary education path but my nerves and lack of experience let me down, so I decided to do something else, something I had wanted to do the moment I picked up Harry Potter when I was 12. I studied creative writing.

When I got there I knew I didn’t fit in. The girls I lived with in halls were loud, disruptive, bitchy and more interested in sleep and partying then studying. The course was an eye opener. I have a reputation for being weird and people generally don’t seem to like that, so I stayed quiet. I didn’t like my writing workshop as I always thought it was crap (and looking back it was) but I made some friends on the course that I ended up living with. I also got a part time job which affected my studies and again, I stayed quiet. I enjoyed my job back http://www.mindanews.com/buy-inderal/ then but I do wish I made more of an effort to make friends and go out more. Some of the people there seemed intimidating so I tried to keep out of their way as I am not a fan of confrontation.

I learnt a lot about people during my time at University. People knew that I was quiet so they found me an easy target. Someone to blame. People will take advantage of that and they still do now. I ended up moving out of halls five weeks early in first year and I saw peoples true colours in my second year which led me to move out of the house I shared (big mistake). The worst year, however, was year three, which I am still paying for now after moving out of the house in January.

I have learnt a lot from University life as well as studying for my degree; who I can trust, my strengths and weaknesses, who I prefer to live with and what kind of a person I am. But I am still unsure over what to do next. Masters? Move away? Get the dream job? To some people the answer is easy but I’m unsure over which path to take first.

So to answer the question; is university worth it? Yes. You’ll learn more in 3 years about yourself than you have in your whole life previously.


  • Katie Katie says:

    I found this post interesting as i am currently a student studying creative and professional writing on my second year. The first year i enjoyed and did well and i learnt soo much about myself and felt like my confidence has grown already. I did well in my grades but the pressure is on now that the work load just got heavier and the pressure is higher. Obviously i will never regret this degree as i love writing and it gives me a kick up the bum to actually get on with my writing and without it i wouldnt know where to start. But will it help in my future career ? I wouldnt have lived in halls i stay at home because im not the typical student who turns up to lectures hungover and who just has no worries. I find it hard connecting with people but i have developed some valuable friendships already. I am happy in my degree and im looking toward the masters as it will be helping towards a publishable novel. I agree with you though that it is worth it x

    • I loved University. It did have some downsides but it’s all part of the experience. It’s made me a stronger person. It has raised my confidence in my own work a bit so I can see the majority of my own mistakes. But I’m a perfectionist and my own worst critic lol. Now I’ve lived on my own I won’t move back home. I have my own flat. It also teaches us life skills. I can’t wait to do my Masters but I need to save up the money first lol. x

  • Great piece, I know it’s one of those questions, especially when you don’t know what you want to do. I went to Uni myself and the degree itself hasn’t led to a job, but it was a wonderful experience. Something that’s worth the debt in my opinion. :)

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