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University Should Not Define My Employability.

I’m 19, and unemployed. My problem? I am just simply not academic enough to preform well in exams meaning, my GCSE’s aren’t always as good as the next person. But why should my knowledge, and lack of experience at 16 years old, define my employability three years on?

I tried my hardest at school, I have all the way through my life, I have never once said, “I can’t do it” unless I have given it a go, and I am always open to try something new. I can write you an article or blog post in no time but struggle with cover letters and applications. Its not that I don’t try, I just simply don’t know what to write, my mind goes blank.

I have never been academic. I have the skills to be able to work well, but I just don’t excel academically. I also have no interest whatsoever in going to university. I know quite a few people in my situation, who are practically brilliant and when working have no problems, but when handing in that paper application, are disregarded without suitable consideration. I think the biggest problem here, as well as the desire for certificates and degrees, which quite frankly, do not really affect a persons work capability, is prejudice against age (though I understand in law and medicine and some other careers university is necessary).

Here is a situation; you are an employer and you are presented with two candidates. The first is a 19 year old, who has only achieved GCSE’s (not to the highest standard either), however has the self taught knowledge and a list of relevant work experience placements to be suitable for employment at your company. The second, a 22 year old university graduate, who has a degree and therefore has the knowledge but has never actually efficiently applied that knowledge practically. With their knowledge, both candidates are suitable for work, however, the less ‘qualified’ has more experience, surely making them a better candidate. Therefore, why, in the majority of situations, are the people with more certificates employed?

Now, I understand the government is pushing for more university graduates to be employed at the end of their degrees, seeing as in recent times that has not happened, however, when fewer youngsters are taking the more traditional routes of education and the ones who do becoming favored, where does that leave those who do not wish to pursue a university degree?


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