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Underneath the makeup

Ok, here’s what’s happened…I have been going through some rough shit. This process of finding self is not easy and nobody told me anything before starting!

Originally, I wanted to write an article about how bad I’ve felt these past months, how I made it through, how some days it was only thanks to WMW (and this is TRUE TRUE), because I didn’t have any contact with the outside world, only through the Facebook posts and comments. This one article, I will write when I find the adequate words for it, but then, I realised how depressing that would be and I’ve written only depressing-kind of articles, so, after further consideration and following excellent advice about finding what you LOVE the most and DOING IT A LOT, I have decided to write about one of the things I love the most and it is makeup.

No, I’m not a shallow person, I don’t let myself be guided by appearances, I just happen to love beauty and I believe every little thing, every being, whether is human or animal (yes, even insects) has some beauty in. Having that said, I would like to share with you what I’ve learned so far, about makeup. Although for some it might be a given, for others, like me, it isn’t that obvious how important skin care is for flawless makeup. It doesn’t matter how good quality the makeup is, if the skin is not prepared and taken care of, nothing will look great. By this I mean that it is essential to cleanse the skin every day, twice a day. Before you put on any makeup and after, to remove it. I used to think that only by using makeup remover I’d get the task done but now that I’m in my thirties, living near the sea in a very windy place, I started having issues as my skin became dry, making me look like I had a lot of wrinkles (more than I really have) and, obviously, making me look much older. Besides that, my makeup finish was awful as I looked like a dry cake, even if I was only using a little.

My routine now is to cleanse my face when I take a shower in the morning, put on tonic lotion for dry skin, eye contour gel and revitalising cream. Now, this is very important, if you have oily skin you should use a hydrating product, but if you have dry skin then it is either moisturising or revitalising. The hydrating doesn’t work on dry skin because, what it does, is basically to give you back the water the skin normally loses but you get back with the oils your body produces when you have normal-oily skin. However, a moisturising cream gives your skin the nutrients it needs to keep the water in and doesn’t let it evaporate, hence, your skin will be softer and smoother and of course, the wrinkles will reduce or even disappear. Just as it happens with the hydrating and the moisturising, I’d like to point that there is a difference between tonic lotion and astringent. The first one is for dry skin, the second for oily to normal skin. If you use the astringent and have a dry skin it will only get drier and I know this, because I was doing it.

If you cleanse your face using the right products, twice a day, I guarantee that you will have fab skin very quickly.

Now, if you want to have an even more fabulous skin, you should put on a facial mask once a week (ideally, but if you are like me and think you can’t be bothered, once a month is OK too!).

As general rule, dry skin should not be exfoliated often. If you have dry skin, you can have your skin exfoliated every two weeks or even once a month, but not every week and certainly not every day, as it is about building up the cells that will help your water stay in. On the other hand, oily skin can be exfoliated once a week, no problem at all and can use the refreshing masks too. In fact, the ultimate care is to use first the exfoliating mask and then use the refreshing for dry skin. How should you do this? Well, you clean your skin first, whether using a cleansing lotion and makeup remover or using a very soft soap, foam, etc, although I strongly recommend using the first option. Once your skin is clean of makeup and any impurities, you should put on the astringent lotion, just like if you are going to do the daily routine and then, put on your mask.

Obviously we should always read the masks instructions to make sure we are doing it right, from experience I can say that most of the masks require you to cleanse and tone your skin prior applying it. Once you remove the mask, you apply astringent again and then the eye contour gel and the moisturising or hydrating cream. If you put on makeup for a special occasion and want it to look flawless, these steps must be followed for it to work.

Between cleaning your skin and putting on your make up, you should always apply a primer. What a primer does is that it gives your skin the necessary ‘grip’ for your makeup to stay on longer, as a matter of fact, sometimes I just put on primer and don’t wear any makeup because with these simple steps I look fresh and natural. Of course you can put on makeup without a primer but, personally, I like the finish it gives me, especially now that there are so many types, some of which act like a highlighter.

So, let’s remember that if you want to have flawless, natural yet professional-looking makeup, you should first cleanse the skin using the proper products for your skin type. Remember to clean the skin twice a day and put on a mask at least once a month, once you have the skin clean and ready, you put on a primer and voilà!

I hope you have found this article as useful and revealing as the first time I ever heard of these steps!


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