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Ultraviolence – Lana Del Rey

Hi Guys, just thought I’d do a quick review of what I’m listening to at the moment! Slightly different to Lorde, but arguably just as good in the recording studio, Lana Del Rey debuted her highly anticipated second album on the 14th June of this year.

‘Born to Die’ Lana’s first album, did really well in 2012/13 and I suppose everyone had high hopes for the second album too. In case you haven’t heard Lana’s music before now, her first album featured strings and/or an orchestra on pretty much every track; I recall someone likening her to Nancy Sinatra – take that however you want to.

Moving onto ‘Ultraviolence’, at first I wasn’t sure what to think. Honestly I’m still not too sure, but I have to say SOMETHING to align my own thoughts if nothing else! Firstly, listening to it I sensed a theme of depression, Lana sings ridiculously quietly and sounds kind of bored, or indifferent, I’m not sure. In the first album I thought she just had a soft voice but a lot of the time on this album, she just sounds miserable.
The orchestra still makes an appearance in some of the tracks (e.g. Old Money), as a sort-of homage to her first album, but otherwise she relies on her band and slow-dance rhythms. Listening to it again, I can imagine her stood in some smokey New York 1950’s (and 70’s, in places) bar singing to a bunch of drunk, depressed Wall Street Bankers.
Reading that back, I can imagine that’s exactly the sound she’s going for, especially in ‘The Other Woman’.

I think overall my confusion with the point of this album is much the same as hers. I do like Lana Del Rey, but I feel like she’s lost her way trying to be arty and obscure. The music itself is easy to listen to, in small doses, but the lyrics – No.
Normally I’d post a few links recommending some songs but honestly, there isn’t a single song that I like, which is a huge shame. Hopefully the next album will be more up my street!

Have you listened to Lana’s album, if so what did you think of it?


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