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Turn your style into a pay check

Fashion trends are short-lived and if you have a special gift, you might know how to get the most out of them and adapt them to your style. Speaking of… style is actually eternal and not many people on the planet can brag about their unique take on it. So, if you have what it takes – then work it girl!

Earning money in the competitive fashion world seems a distant unreachable dream, but it can happen, if you play your cards right. Fashion blogging has become the go-to career for girls with a fabulous je-ne-sais-qui. Not only it is a true thrill doing something you love, but it can also be well paid. If you consider yourself to be “one of those girls” here are a few tips how to brand yourself in fashion.

Be Unique

Well, this sounds easy. There are literally millions of fashion blogs and trendsetters on the web and each of them steals a bit of your uniqueness by “borrowing” some of your qualities. That does not mean that you have to go to extremes and go and wear something that you normally would not. Ask yourself: “Why is your style different? What makes you special?” It can be anything, ranging from your personality, to the way you combine patterns.

Have Something to Offer

Sure, dressing nice and posting a lot of pictures of yourself online is fine, but can the readers/observers actually get some value from viewing your images? Well, only if with those images you offer them a thought which will spark their creativity and make them try out your style.

Strike a Pose

A picture is worth a thousand words – this saying perfectly depicts what it takes to make it in the fashion world. Among other things, you have to have great photos. To achieve that, you will need to know how to pose and have the right tools. By the right tools I mean a decent camera (it does not have to be a DSLR, it is enough to have a smartphone with a good camera) and post-processing software. It is sufficient to download a neat app with filters and fine tuning. EyeEm is definitely one of them and is not something everyone else uses, which means you can have an additional edge. Also, this platform enables you to share and sell your photos, which will not only help you earn money, but also grant you extra exposure.

Be Social

Speaking of exposure: social media will be your best tool to get noticed. As soon as people start sharing your images and posts, an avalanche of popularity will be set in motion. You need to be present on every social platform (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest), but the one platform to rule them all when it comes to fashion is certainly Instagram. Basically, it is the best and fastest way to make yourself a brand. People are using Instagram as a means to find fashion inspiration, so if you are looking for a place to establish a strong foothold – look no further.

How to Get Paid?

Alongside selling your photos, there are numerous other ways to make money out of your aspiring career in fashion. To make money, you first need a strong presence across the web. Every strategy we have mentioned above should be applied to achieve this, but you should also comment on other blogs, swap notes, write reviews, etc. By following these tips, you will be able to prove to brands and advertisers that you are a credible blogger with a consistent following which is worth investing in.

As you see, making a name for yourself comes first and with a lot of effort, making a career out of it becomes much easier if you have done the name part right.

Good luck!


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