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Turn your creative hobby into a profit making business!

Have you got a creative side? Have your friends ever asked “Why don’t you try to get your work published?” but you wouldn’t know where to start! Well help is at hand, read on for to feel inspired on how to transport your creative skills into a profit-making business.

I have always been creative and made handmade cards as a hobby. I would give cards to friends and family on their birthdays. After a number of compliments from friends and family on how good they thought my cards were I decided to take some into work to see what the response would be. I was surprised at the positive feedback I received and the amount I sold, making over £70.00 in a few weeks. I felt inspired to make more cards and decided to get experimental by incorporating 3d designs on the front. Over the following months I continued to make cards over the weekends and evenings after work, branching out into other categories for example “Good Luck”, “Thank You” and “Anniversary cards”.

As I built up a high quantity of cards, I started to think whether I could develop my card making into a profit-making business. I had my doubts whether the cards were good enough to sell so continued to make them to give to friends and family, and only sell them to work colleagues. A couple of weeks later I found myself being hit by the recession and out of work. After a number of weeks of not having any luck in finding work I decided to seriously look into turning my card making into a profit-making business. I was worried I would struggle due to not having any experience in this field. After doing a lot of research into website building sites, I found the perfect one for me which offered a lot of support and guidance to help me every step of the way.

I took the plunge and paid for a year’s subscription, chose my domain name and then spent a number of weeks building the website. After a few hiccups my website was finally ready to launch. The excitement I felt when it was viewable to everyone on Google was such a proud moment and made all the hard work feel worthwhile. It is nearly a year now since my website was launched. It took a lot of hard work and perseverance to make it work but it was definitely worthwhile. It took several months for any interest to be shown but I have sold a substantial amount of cards and am now branching out into selling bespoke cards. I honestly didn’t think I would be able to turn my creative hobby into a profit-making business and certainly didn’t think I would be able to set up my own website.

I am happy I found the courage to give it a try and am looking into setting up other websites for other creative interests I have. I strongly encourage anyone who is talented to have the confidence to turn their creativity into cash. I hope my article has inspired someone to take the plunge and turn their creative hobby into a profit-making business.

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