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Trying new things

Okay so as women, people usually think that the most important things in our lives are men, children, fashion and feelings. Or even more recently, a career. One career, for the rest of your life. I personally hate the idea that I would be doing the same thing forever. I also believe that this is why humans are often bored or perhaps not too happy with their lives, because naturally, we are restless creatures. So, I want to be constantly changing.

I have made a list of 5 careers/jobs/full time hobbies I want to do before I die and I intend to fulfil it. And yes, I understand the ‘need’ for money, and I suppose if one has children then yes you do need to provide for those children, but why do we class money as a need to the extent that we do? Granted, we need food, water and shelter. But fancy cars, fancy clothes, gadgets, spending God knows how much on decorating a house etc… are these really needs? Obviously not and obviously as we all know it is nice to have things. Me personally, I would much rather have a job that perhaps pays a little less and requires me to go without these things in order to do something I like.

I think it’s amazing when people take time out of their average, everyday lives to travel and try new things like going to an dance class or learning karate etc etc. I find it incredible how people do things that scare them, because it’s not comfortable, and the difference these things make to a person are amazing too. But that’s the thing, do people still do this, and if they do, how many of them do? I encourage anyone to do something that scares them (a typical cliche I know), or failing that, just something out of their comfort zone, something different.

Recently I went to an acting class for the first time, a surreal experience and I’m not saying for one minute that it was ‘THE BEST THING EVER!!’, but different was something it definitely was and it made me feel alive just for going. Just for realising that I had the confidence at that moment to walk into a room full of people I don’t know and pretend to be someone else in a stupid soap script. It sounds silly when I put it like that, but it’s true isn’t it? These things do scare us, so I was proud of myself. Proud for trying new things.


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