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Try Something New!

Trying to do something new – it shouldn’t be too hard right? We all have the ability to make decisions and push ourselves into new situations. The scary unknown doesn’t have to be that scary.

I’ve been trying a lot of new things in this last month alone. Obviously the top of that list for me is all about job searching; applying for jobs, gaining experience in interviews, researching companies so I know what to expect. I haven’t had that many interviews before in my life, and portraying myself as the best I can be is something new for me. Take the last interview I had, I came out of it actually feeling really good. I was able to act quite confident, I answered all the questions thrown at me and I genuinely got on well with all the staff. It was a new experience for me, and I’m better because of it. Fingers crossed that when the company get back in touch it’ll be good news, but even if it’s not I have definitely learnt something from it that I can draw from in the future, and I wouldn’t have that knowledge if I hadn’t tried something new.

Whilst looking for a job I’ve also been volunteering – once again something new for me! And I love it. It would of course be great if it was something I was getting paid for as well, but it gets me out of the house every week and gives me the social interaction I need. I think the worst thing would be to sit indoors all day, every day. Of course we all have those days when watching films and eating sugary snacks are our only salvation, but it’s also important to have those days when you do put on your makeup and you do climb out of your pyjamas and you go out and just do stuff. Those days will always make us feel good; like we have more of a purpose and have achieved something.

On my journey to try more new things, I’ve also got a couple on online blogs and articles I’m writing for each week (Women Make Waves included). Which means yet more experience! (Noticing a running theme yet?) From this I’m able to carry on writing most days and do something I actually love, whilst gaining valuable knowledge on the writing world. For a writer, writing is one of the most therapeutic means they have, and then to actually have your work read by others who share those same interests, it’s crucial to development. People who are creative always seem to have a nasty habit of putting themselves down… they’d rather stick to what they know then try something new. But being creative is all about trying new things! We live for it; writing new articles, reading new stories, creating new works of art. We’re constantly changing more than we realise.

– Sylvia Plath

Trying new things can be scary, but you have to push through those fears or you’ll never know if something’s right for you. I may not have a job (yet!) but I am keeping myself busy in the meantime. I am doing things. I’m still writing, gaining experience every day and trying to better myself. That’s all anyone can do.

And so my advice to you lovely reader is this; take each day as it comes and be sure to try something new whenever you can!





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