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Trust in yourself

Your gut instinct – use it !

The more successful we become, the more we seem to lose the most basic of our senses and by that I mean our wonderful and built-in gut instinct. We increasingly have busy lives, often doing two jobs simultaneously and changing our careers and aspirations without stopping to examine why we do what we do, what impact it has on our life and our family and we can’t help ignoring something vital…our gut feeling .

How often have we all been lured by the new contract with more money I wonder? We are increasingly trained to put our emotions to one side when we realise the new workplace may not quite live up to what we imagined, because we have to be focused on the extra money we are enjoying, but if we’re not happy, is it worth it? There is a  golden rule that so many of use fail to follow – any major change should follow a moment of ‘tuning in’ to what your gut is telling you. The rush of adrenalin we often associate with good news and winning and achieving can also signify extreme stress, so don’t get lured in by false positivity, really identify what you inner voice is telling you.

More of us are consulting with psychics in a bid for validation that our decisions are correct, when all we need to do is listen to ourselves. Our gut instinct is there to be our  eyes and ears in a world of noise and in order to be empathic to the decisions we make now or embark on in the future, we really need to listen to the inner voice within that might lead us on a more ambitious journey. There’s no guarantee it will be easier, but it could be more fulfilling.

Reliance on ourselves involves courage, but also builds strength of character. The greatest achievers of out time know how to interpret the words of others by listening and trusting their inner reaction to them. It may be a simplistic concept, but it’s one that many of us have forgotten.

Do you trust your gut?


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