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Why Tropical House should be your new favourite genre

I first came across the genre ‘Tropical House’ a few months ago, and I have been hooked on it ever since. Thanks to Soundcloud, Facebook and Youtube recommendations, I started finding some amazing new and unheard of artists. With winter nearly over, now is the time to start discovering and downloading these magical sounds to your iPod.

Artists such as Kygo, Matoma, Thero, Klingande, Thomas Jack and Nelsaan are not what you would call ‘mainstream artists’ but they are hidden gems.  The best thing about these artists is that they are almost always self-started projects; just young, talented people playing about with electro melodies and uploading them to the Internet. Norwegian artist Kygo started out just remixing his favourite tunes by putting a chilled tropical beat on top of pop songs. Since gaining a huge following on Soundcloud and YouTube, he was asked by Coldplay to do a remix of Midnight and also asked to support Avicii on tour. Just last year he was also signed by Sony International and Ultra Records.

Thomas Jack is another notable artist and has been putting together tropical house playlists and they are absolutely the best tunes to get you going on a morning. Apparently it was also Thomas Jack that coined the phrase ‘Tropical House’ in the first place.

Tropical House is a genre that will transport your mind back to your happiest sunniest holiday and keep you there. Put these tunes on, picture a palm tree, some sun and a white sandy beach and have half an hour of absolute bliss. Next time you want to discover some new music thats a bit different to your typical radio hits, dig a little deeper than the usual chart list and you may surprise yourself by discovering some new favourites.

Other notable Tropical House/Remix/ Dance artists: Van She, Sebastian Carter, Bakermat, Klangkarussell, The Chainsmokers, Synapson.



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