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Trolls and cyber bullies

It’s the start of anti-bullying week and whilst it might be easy to bury your head in the sand and think this only happens to students and school kids, that isn’t true.

Unfortunately, bullying is on the increase for everyone, yes that includes children but adult bullying is on the rise too. As the Internet becomes increasingly essential to our personal and professional lives, it’s important to stay alert, and stay safe. If you use forums or message boards you will be aware of ‘trolls’, for those of you who don’t troll is Internet slang, and is used to describe a person who causes conflict on the Internet by starting arguments or going out of their way to upset people. Trolls usually just try and cause the most upset they can, whilst it can be upsetting it’s important not to take anything they say to heart.

Social media has become my news channel and I’m sure it’s the same around the country. Between Twitter and Facebook, I can find out who has passed away, the main news stories, in fact I’m even reminded of my friends’ birthdays. It’s getting harder and harder to switch off and this plays right into the bullies hands. They know you will have access to their hurtful words 24 hours a day which means they always have an audience, which is just what they want. There is no legal definition of cyber bullying within UK law. However there are a number of existing laws that can be applied to cases of cyber bullying and online harassment so there are things you can do if you suffer this abuse.

There are lots of online helps pages with advice and ideas but your local police are there to help, so there is no need to suffer in silence. Let’s use anti-bullyimng week as a great starting point for eradicating this new trend.



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