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Travel for the soul!

Today’s young adults need to travel and I am not talking about the backpacking kind as not everyone can afford that. Holidays without the family in tow are an essential part of growing up but my travelling began at an early age when I went on mystery days out with my mum and gran. this gave me a taste for the unknown and a desire to explore towns and cities in different counties.

The first holiday, without adults in tow, was to Torquay. We got drunk, danced and I thought ninety pounds would be enough. In the 1980s ninety pounds was a lot of money, but not enough for food and to prop up the bar all night plus clubbing. I went swimming in the second week and had a night out on my last tenner. Needless to say, it taught me I needed to save harder and longer for my next holiday. It transpired that going out clubbing two nights a week whilst saving was counter-productive.

My next holiday was to Turkey and by then I had a flat so knew more about money. I went topless, danced on the bar, met a couple of lads, got drunk, but I enjoyed it more because I had saved more money. Going on holiday is a great ‘leveller’ as it teaches you that to have things, you need to save. In Turkey one of my friends told an OAP restaurant owner I was part African, so he followed us everywhere in Slimma slacks, with a handful of nuts, spitting them out as he went along. Great for my image! I had to tell him to get lost in so many words. One of the best parts of any holiday is sight seeing, such as the magnificent sight of Ephesus and the array of statues stretching for miles, but had I not saved up, I wouldn’t have seen these amazing things.

If you can’t afford a ‘big’ holiday, try a weekend away. It will be far cheaper and you can experience just as much culture and fun, if you plan ahead.

Travel opens the mind, so don’t sit still for too long!


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