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I have squeezed as much possible living into my 43 years, most of the time I feel as though I need an eighth day of the week. I like to keep busy, and whether than means running around (or driving around) my six children, or running and developing one of my three, soon to be four, practices, I always make sure I have a smile on my face doing it. My patients often ask my staff “Is Tracey really that happy all of them time?” and they always answer with a resounding yes.

Growing up on my beloved Isle of Man, I never imagined that when I was driving taxis at 16 years old, that one day I would be running and developing the Tracey Bell dental and medical aesthetic clinics, and accepting an award for the number one cosmetic dental clinic in the whole of the UK. Currently the award winning clinics are situated in the Isle of Man (Douglas, Ramsey & soon to be Castletown) and Liverpool, we provide dental, non-surgical, medical lasers & light, spa and surgical treatments.

Growing up, I loved the Isle of Man, and didn’t want to leave, I thought I wanted to be a nurse, and knew I wanted to have a big family. When I finished my O-levels, and then my A-levels, two years early, a teacher at my school suggested I go to University, and that is when a whole new world opened up to me. After driving taxis on the island to open a bank account, I decided on Manchester University to study dentistry. I travelled back to the island most weekends to help my parents out with their taxi firm, and keep an eye on my siblings. In 1993 I graduated from Manchester, I still like to think that I have the same passion, enthusiasm and love for all things aesthetic, business and family, but now I have gained the graces of age, experience and insight, that have only made my passions of the past grow.

In 2001, after growing a successful dental practice and having four of my six children, and I must admit, feeling younger than I looked – I found my career diversifying into non-surgical treatments. I decided I wanted to erase a few years, but when I found myself sitting in front of a balding Doctor in his mid-50’s, trying to explain my situation to him not only made me feel embarrassed, but the whole situation was rather comical – this was the moment I decided to teach myself. With a fantastic education, training and knowledge, I honed my skills and developed a non-surgical branch to my booming practice. The diversity of non-surgical really excites me, and we quickly were offering a host of procedures including Botox, dermal fillers, body sculpting, laser hair removal and the list goes on.

Listening to my patients has always been important and is my key driving force in finding treatments and products that deliver results. As a savvy consumer myself – I never expect second best – I love first class polite service, and hence my brand has been built on trust, openness, honesty, results and service – that is what always should be expected in a dental and medical service. Tracey Bell today delivers just that.

 How did I get started in my business?

Dentistry is still our core business, but as stated, it diversified. As a child I was creative, I liked to visualise. From creating smiles, accessing a face and sculpting a body, an artistic eye with an educated mind is a bonus. I qualified in Manchester in 1993 and have accumulated a wealth of knowledge in dentistry and aesthetic medicine – simply by travelling, communication and following my thirst for new techniques and technologies.

Have I studied a course or taken any qualifications for my career?

Bachelor of dental surgery (honours) Manchester 1993. As a dentist I completed the dental degree at Manchester. Since the I have completed a numbering of training course in aesthetic medicine related to Botox, dermal fillers, laser and light therapy, CO2 laser, facial threading, sculptra and I am even a qualified undertaker (I was curious!)

How have I balanced work-life/family and avoided burnout?

Work/life is always a balancing act and as my children and family have grown, the art of balance changes. I certainly could not have achieved what I have, without a great partner, grounded kids and of course, surrounded by a good team, with strong heads on their shoulders. Don’t get me wrong, there are sometimes still when I need the eighth day in the week, but by recognising your strengths, weakness and sometimes having to say ‘NO’ – I think that has avoided many problems. Burnout again I think it’s also a mental decision. Most of the time I am happy in my life and I believe if you are happy in your life, home and then work that helps also.

What am I most proud of?

That is a simple question for me to answer – I’m most proud of being happy, waking up each morning and thinking I LOVE MY LIFE.

How have I faced the challenges of being a women in a male dominated world?

I don’t think of it as a male dominated world, I treat all as equals – and always have done. Male, Female, we all breath the same air, have families, go to work, love, laugh and dance.

Is life turning out just how I planned it?

I’ve never planned my life, I’ve simply adapted, taken what life has provided and grabbed and enjoyed opportunity. There’s no such thing as Lady Luck it’s about recognising opportunity through experience.

What do I love the most about your partner?

I really, really love my partner James, I love everything about him – even the fact that he snores and keeps me awake sometimes! James is the ying to my yang, we balance each other out, I know he will always support me, even when he doesn’t agree with me, he is my biggest fan, he doesn’t put me up on a peddle stool, but stands equally beside me.

Do I have any regrets?

No – I wouldn’t be the person I am today without the choices I have made and challenges I have faced.

What’s my partner’s most irritating habit?

That’s easy! Pass me the ear buds – snoring!

What’s my ultimate vision?

To grow a brand that is recognised within the industry and by the consumer for its deliverance of care. A fashion brand in dentistry and aesthetic medicine – a Louis Vuitton or Chanel – that has never been done in my industry. While building the Chanel of dentistry and aesthetic medicine I want to make sure to love, live, dance, prosper, share, care, learn, and most of all enjoy. In essence, my vision is simply for myself and my family to respect and be respected, to love and be loved, to grow and be educated, and to simply enjoy the crazy ride of whatever life brings. I want to make sure that when I look back on my memories, that it is a movie worth watching.

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