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Today, Tomorrow, Forever

People are stupid. And as such, they do stupid things. Ridiculous things that have the potential to ‘screw up’ their entire futures. Actually, that is total poppycock. Yes, people are stupid and do stupid things. But no mistake ruins everything from that point on. This is why it takes a great deal of self-control for me to not pass sarcastic comments to the drama queens and their ridiculous reactions to their mistakes…

There’s the self-piteous ones: “Why can’t I do anything right? I’ll never be able to do this…..never have, never will.”

There’s the angry, snappy ones: “Well! That’s it! I’m never doing that again! It’s the worst things I’ve ever done!”

Then there’s the exaggerators: “Great! My whole future is ruined! I’m going to be stuck doing this for the rest of my life!”

…dear God.

So many people seem to be under the illusion that there are mystical beings who just pop out of the womb able to do things. They seem to think that if they can’t get something right, this is because they just can’t do it, rather than they just need to spend a little more time, or effort trying. Admittedly, I have been this person from time to time. Say, if I’m trying to learn a piece of music, and that same group of notes is wrong every time. Even if I practice that stupid motif a hundred times in slow motion, it still isn’t right. On these occasions, the risk of me breaking something is relatively high. But the fact is, human beings are really rather rubbish. We can’t just do things. We’re not like other animals who walk (if not a little clumsily) from birth. We have to take baby steps. We have to fall over, have a tantrum, and then wait for someone to tell us to sort our lives out and get up.

Anyone who expects anyone else to be perfect is actually brain dead. That is fact. And we can’t live our lives being destroyed by every other mistake we make. So, I have come to the conclusion that we must live by one simple rule:

Do today better tomorrow.

And if that means that we fall over ninety-nine times tomorrow, compared to the one hundred times today, then that’s fine.


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