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Tissues at the ready… John Lewis’ 2015 advert launch

With Christmas seemingly just around the corner (yes I am aware that there are still 51 days to go) it’s almost time for the John Lewis advert to be unveiled.

Personally, it’s not Christmas for me until I see the Coca Cola ‘holiday’s are coming’ advert. I know – how commercial am I? But I just can’t help it; I love it!! In fact, my mobile buzzes from texts and social media messages when it comes on as everyone knows how much I love it. Am I a saddo?… well, quite possibly but it seems I’m not alone!

Christmas 2014

Since 2007, John Lewis has spent time and money on Christmas advertising but it wasn’t until 2011 that they showed us a wonderful story of a young boy who just couldn’t wait for Christmas Day to arrive just so that he could give his parents a present. This is when the John Lewis Christmas magic started.

I’m sure I’m not only me that cries at the John Lewis advert every year and at 8am on Friday 6 November the new ad will be here and once again I expect to cry, but I am beyond excited. Now maybe that does make me a little bonkers but I’ll make sure I have my tissues at the ready.

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 16.57.00

Despite the advert being strictly under wraps, during the X-Factor commercial break a 10 second advert bearing a #OnTheMoon hashtag was witnessed by millions. Quickly trending on Twitter and bearing a font very similar to John Lewis many think this was a teaser. Oooooh…squee… I really hope it was!!

I do feel for them though, as they have a lot to live up to looking at the last few years. We’ve seen Ellie Golding performing Elton John’s ‘Your Song’ and Lily Allen covering Keane’s ‘Somewhere Only We Know’. It’s exciting to have no idea what is in store this year.

John Lewis are reported to have spent a massive £7 million on last year’s Monty the Penguin advert. I can only assume the amount will be similar or perhaps more to keep them at the top of the Christmas soppy advert charts.

We’ve had bears, rabbits, penguins, children… what could it be?

Christmas 2013

Keeping with a friendship or love theme certainly seems to get everyone in the festive spirit, so I’m sure they will stick to the good, wholesome, feel-good tearjerker and personally I can’t wait!!


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