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Time for a transformation?

If you are not satisfied with your reflection in the mirror, perhaps it is time to take certain steps to improve your current shape. You can start with a long-term plan or you might try getting the results in shorter period of time. As you begin with a programme of different exercises, you will probably be overwhelmed with lots of information, which can cause confusion in the beginning. However, if you take it seriously from the start, you will easily make visible progress after only a month and yes, there are little secrets which can help you in the process!

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White over yellow

Many body builders were inspired when they saw Sylvester Stallone swallowing raw eggs in Rocky, but unless you are planning to do stair-running all day long, this just makes no sense. Yolk has too much cholesterol, so if you really want some high quality proteins, you will find them in egg whites. There are even dehydrated egg whites which can be bought and added to your diet. Powdered egg whites can be used anywhere normal egg whites would, so feel free to experiment.

Real fruit over juices and sodas

You should always go for the whole apple or orange, rather than drinking a glass of juice. Juice has way too many calories, even if it’s without added sugar, preservatives and other unhealthy additives. Also, it has no fibre, which is important for your new diet plan. In addition, if you want to lose some weight, you should know that bananas are a perfect meal replacement – especially for your dinner. Blend some bananas with milk and have a healthy milkshake for dinner.

Starving? A big NO

You will not lose weight by starving, because your body is accustomed to a certain number of calories which it has been receiving so far. If you suddenly stop eating, your metabolism will be shocked, so it will deal with the new situation by retaining fat instead of burning it. Try to eat hunger-stopping foods, several times per day (raw vegetables, boiled potatoes, popcorns, sandwiches with herb cheese, integral bread, green salad, broccoli etc). These are so called ‘empty calories’, which will make you feel full without causing you to gain weight.

Count your calories

The key yo success is approaching your fitness program methodically and systematically – just like when you were at school. Write down everything from calories and protein intake to how much have you burned through exercise. You will easily see your rate of improvement after few weeks because numbers don’t lie.

No matter what you have heard about supplements, there is one thing that cannot be denied; they are healthy and useful, especially if you’re starting a new workout plan which includes a drastically changed diet.  There are amino acids which give you strength, creatine for endurance, multivitamins for overall health, whey protein for building up muscle mass and caffeine for better performance. These can often all be found in one tablet, so that you can be sure you’re getting everything you need.

Don’t wait for Monday to start changing things in your life. Start today, work hard and the results will be visible soon enough.


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