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Throwing away the past.

I am at my most productive at night. For example it’s 3AM and I have just finished cleaning my bedroom. To be honest I started because I was looking for some car stuff (which I still haven’t found) because my tax disc is due for renewal. As I was going through the boxes of my childhood stuff which I can’t bear to part with I have realised I am a major hoarder. I blame my father for this, my mother is OCD clean so I definitely didn’t get this from her.

I have found old crayons, videos, Mr Men comics, Beano amongst the many items. I don’t know how it’s gotten to the this point. I don’t like throwing stuff away especially when I know I could have use for them eventually.  I live in a flat so it’s not like I can put stuff in the attic. I have no room for junk unfortunately.

What’s even worse is when I got the strength to actually throw some stuff away as soon as I walked away from the bin I had an overwhelming feeling of regret to the point where I very nearly got the bags out of the bin. Does anybody else have a problem like this or do I need help?

So are you a ‘Hoarder‘ like me or ‘Use it and dump it when you outgrow it?’


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