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Those blue eyes

You’ve got the sweetest allure, and the most stubborn of smiles.

You took it literally when they said lovers would drive 5,000 miles.

I wish I could reach that heart that once didn’t beat so smooth.

But right now I feel as though I never really knew you.

It’s an ache in the limbs to feel this way

I’d do absolutely anything to make it go away

It was those eyes I could get lost in, I could stare down to the soul.

I could never hate you, and I hope that you’re happy, I hope you feel whole.

For me it was real, I do not fake.

I can’t help but feel that none of this is fair.

But I’m trying my hardest to just not break.

And if you ever feel lonely, know that I am there.

I am sincere in my wish

For you to have nothing but bliss

This love that I feel could only want the best for you.

So I hope that you’re happy even if I’m feeling blue.

You were one of the strongest people I thought I knew.

My loyalty resides, for my words were never untrue.

So I hope that those blue eyes shine happy again soon

And it makes me hurt when I see things hurting you

Please don’t feel darkness because you deserve the light

You have bravery and heart and a determined fight

And when you are ready, I hope you fall very in love.

And I hope this time you find the courage to never give up.

Blue Eyes.


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