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Things I Wish I Knew Would Change About Myself Through Motherhood

The old platitude goes, ‘everything changes after you become a mother.’ Well yes – of course it does! As women, at soon as we know we have conceived, we are flooded with a storm of stressors that we never thought we would ever think about in our lives. We battle with them and figure out a way to soothe our mama-to-be mind, and then a whole new slew of stress and anxiety comes along after we give birth.

We share amazingly wonderful moments with our children as we watch them grow, and document them through photos and videos. We often look back and reflect at different stages as they move on to a new stage and say things like “they grow too fast!” and “look how much he/she has changed!”

On the flipside, we don’t often look at ourselves and how we have changed. Whenever we do, it is typically filled with negative comments about how our stomachs have gotten flabby and we wish we would start making time for a regular waxing again. We never focus on the wonderful ways that we grow as human beings, just like our children grow into adults.

I wish I knew I would gain confidence that I have never experienced before.

Motherhood has given me confidence that I never knew could exist deep within me. I grew up being the complete opposite of confident, struggling with me weight, skin, being part of the popular crowd at school. I never carried myself in a manner that exuded assurance, as I was more on the shy side, hiding by those around me. Having my son and putting this little life in my hands forced that confidence upon me and I blossomed. I had to be confident in my parenting decisions and knowing what was right for MY child, in turn letting me be more confident in my everyday life.

I wish I knew I would find my voice and learn how to be an assertive human being.

Whenever you make a decision about your child, not everyone is going to like it. But, guess what? They don’t need too!

Having my son found that voice within me and enabled me to be quick with me tongue in lashing out against anyone who stood between me and my husband’s decisions. I become assertive and able to speak my mind to whoever came my way.

I wish I knew that I would learn how to roll with the punches.

Every single day is different whenever you become a parent—no matter how much you try to control it all! I’m a control freak, I’ll admit it! So changing and letting go of those tendencies was hard, but I now know that I’m able to do so.

I wish I knew that life would make me tougher.

I was weak before pushing a baby out of me—and had trouble with dealing with any let downs or curveballs that life has thrown my way. I wish I would have known how tough motherhood would make me, because as a mother—I feel like I can take on the world.

I wish I knew that I would grow right alongside my little man.

Being a parent, you focus so much on how you will be watching your new baby grow, and while you may not be growing physically, you learn so many new things right along with them. Every day is the experience to learn something new.

Overall, motherhood has shaped me into the person that I feel I was always meant to become. I became a mother early on in life, and many probably thought it was too soon. But I believe that Branden came right on time and without him helping me grow and change, I would never be where I am today.


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