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The Thin Blue Line

They say there are a few things in this world that you know instinctively and for me, being pregnant was one of those things (knowing I’d never squeeze into those Stella McCartney jeans that had hung in my wardrobe for years, was, unfortunately another…). I knew before I had even taken the test. In fact I had actually taken a test a week earlier – but after hours of scrutinizing the faint blue line and deconstructing the test, I decided that maybe I needed to wait. So wait I did. Told my husband ‘I think I might be’ and we eagerly awaited the next morning as we had heard on the ‘baby grapevine’¬†that morning was the best time to test. This time I was taking no chances and decided that a digital test was the way forward. What they don’t prepare you for is the fact that with this type of test there is no waiting around; within seconds that one little word appears ‘pregnant’. We stood in silence, motionless, staring at the screen while a little egg timer turned around. Finally there it was ‘2-3′ weeks.
Hugs and tears all round and the realisation that this is it. And now I have to go into work and go about my business as usual. The heels are strewn into the back of the wardrobe and I opt instead for sensible¬†flats. I drive with extra caution, walk a little slower, take my time walking up the stairs and consider investing in a sensible ‘over the body’ bag in a nice soft leather that I have seen various ‘yummy mummies’ and Jennifer Aniston sporting…


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