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The wedding ideas begin…

The next instalment of Austerity Amy. Get your thrifty caps on and feel free to make some suggestions!

Some of my friends like to start new conversations with “So…… how’s the wedding planning going….”. I feel bad, but I answer the same way each time. It’s done. It’s planned. It’s booked.

I know that everyone kinda wants me to get super excited and start being a bit more girly, but when we say we are going low-key, we REALLY mean it. Aside from the actual ceremony (being held in our village church, because it’s pooch friendly!), we aren’t looking to spend any money on the frills and silly bits. The way we see it, we have the rest of our lives together to spend money so let’s just yank on the reins for now!

Something strange happened the other day though and as I flicked through Pinterest, I started getting excited about wedding stuff, but not in the way you might expect. I got really pumped up about thinking of cool things I could do, for free and how fun it would be. All of a sudden, I’m collecting glass milk bottles and jam jars (as are my family, to help) and thinking about what flowers will be in bloom when we get hitched so I can make a freebie bouquet. While all of this sounds like a thrifty dream come true, I’ve come to realise that there is one thing I will have to compromise on and that’s my dress. Not for the reasons you might think though.

I was all ready to wear something I found on eBay for a total steal (the perfect thing for £20!!), but my mum seemed a little sad at the news. While she agreed that what I bought before christmas was lovely, I think she had long thought she would buy me the dress I wear when I get married. She’s been secretly buying a few wedding magazines here and there, just to have a quick look through and to her credit, usually only when they have a headline like “Weddings for less” on the front, but when she gives them to me, I find pages with the corners turned and little notes like “You’d look beautiful in this”. So in the spirit of total honesty, I’m telling you all that I’m going to let my parents buy me a dress. It wasn’t the original plan, but I want them to enjoy the day as much as we do and I’ve told them that if they even try to suggest anything that is a four figure amount (not that they would), the deal is off.

So, for any of my friends reading this, the plans so far include paper chains and paper lantern decorations in the garden, fairy lights (that we already own) in the trees, a borrowed projector to paint the house in stars, personalised glasses made of jam jars for everyone, candles, doughnuts and a hand built pizza oven. Oh, and anything else that the freebies section on Gumtree makes a possibility. Must keep an eye out for an easel…

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