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The rule of the titches

Five year-olds should run the world.

This is a statement which I regularly deliver to just about anyone who needs to listen. Although there is a lot right in this world, there is also rather a lot wrong with it. There are the obvious things such as war, poverty and inequality. Then there are the less obvious things, such as the fact that our democracy is not, really, a democracy at all.

Of course, everyone knows that the world isn’t perfect. There are very few people who wouldn’t care for a little more money or even just better security. And yet, nobody seems to do anything about it.

And that is the first reason why grown-ups suck at ruling the world: they accept things. Most five year-olds throw a tantrum when they don’t get what they want, a horrific characteristic that, I think, is rather admirable. Children do not just accept that things have to be a certain way; they need a good reason as to why this is the case. They need to know that the thing stopping change from happening is a fully justified one. Adults, on the other hand, appear to just accept their surroundings, for better or for worse. The fact that something has always been the case is enough reason to let it continue to be. The world cannot possibly change with that kind of attitude.

More importantly, the many things that are wrong in the world are caused by adult decisions. Two grown men think nothing of sending hundreds of men, who do not have any problem themselves, to risk their lives, just so that the first two men do not have to face the ordeal of having a mature conversation. We justify violence and murder on a monumental scale, glorifying death. Children just do not do that.

Five year-olds know that it is wrong to hit. The fact that somebody did something wrong does not then mean that it is okay to hit that person. The hitting is still wrong. And yet, when it comes to bombing places, grown-ups seem to forget their own sense of right and wrong.

Children are simple. If that man has no money and that women has lots of money, they should share. If what person A wants to do is different to what person B wants to do, then they have to compromise, not send other people to kill each other to solve  the problem.

Grown-ups have an incredible ability to justify the unjustifiable. They can convince themselves that other people are of a different worth to themselves and do all kinds of horrific things as a result of this. Children treat everything as new and use their few core morals to plan their actions. No judgment. No inequality. No violence. That is the world that we should all want. Children are the only people who can deliver it.


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