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The ‘Loo Roll’ issue!!

Picture this….. I’m desperate for the loo, run to the bathroom, guess what… there’s no toilet paper, just an empty cardboard roll, still on the holder!! I run to the spare bathroom…. No loo roll! Grrrrrrrrr!

Every time I go to the bathroom, I find an empty loo roll holder. It’s so irritating. If I use the last bit of loo roll, I automatically replace it with a new one. (There are full rolls in the cupboard of every bathroom in our house)

So I have a conversation with my husband…

Me – ’hunny, if you use the last of the loo roll, can you please replace it? Id really appreciate it!’

Husband – ‘erm…. No’

Me – ‘Pardon????’

Husband – ‘well, the thing is, I just don’t think about things like that! My mind is too busy with work thoughts. Why don’t you check there’s loo roll before you sit down, grab a new roll if needed?’

Me – ‘As if you just said that to me!!!!!!!!!!’

Husband – ‘If you go into a public toilet, what’s the first thing you do? You CHECK each cubicle until you find one with loo roll in it, so what’s the difference at home?’

Me – ‘The difference is DARLING…I am NOT your maid!!!!’

After hours of discussions, he is still insistent that this is acceptable. I disagree.

However, I have never sat down to an empty loo roll since! He replaces the roll without question! My point is, men CAN change with the right amount of…..‘encouragement!’


  • Katy Womersley Katy Womersley says:

    I loved the way he compared your loo at home to a public loo!! You wonder how they can say these things with a straight face but they do!

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