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Looking after man’s best friend

Choosing the right dog food brand for your dog is not only a question for the welbeing of your dog, but also something that could potentially make your life a lot easier.

Not everyone puts a lot of thought into what they feed their dogs, which is okay, because when it comes down to it – it is up to each individual dog owner what they want their dogs to eat. The right kind of food, however, can have a huge impact on both a dog’s health and an owner’s┬ápeace of mind. It is something worth thinking about, especially once you realize how differently two food brands can affect you your pup. Let’s look into the benefits of finding a dog food brand that fits YOUR dog perfectly.

The type of food we feed our dogs can affect their coat, their teeth, their breath, their stool and their overall health, which also affects you as a dog owner. Keeping your dog healthy keeps you from having to bring him or her in for many expensive visits to the vet. It can also make a big difference in your everyday life. Depending on what food you choose to feed, your dog might shed more or less, smell good or bad, have dificulties keeping off excess weight, pass gas at inconvenient times if you’re unlucky, or it might go hungry even though you have fed the right amount. Another aspect affected by food is the energy level of a dog. If your dog gets tired easily, it could be a result of it being fed something that doesn’t quite suit him or her. …Or it could have to do with lack of physical exercise, over-weight or a medical condition, but let’s focus on what we can do for our furry friends by choosing the right food. This is where you sit down to think through whether or not you get everything you want out of the food you currently feed your dog.

First consider potential aspects of the food you currently feed that you are not quite happy with. Is there anything about your dog that could be “better”? Whiter teeth? Softer or shinier coat? More of an appetite? A more stable weight? Consider everything you want a food brand to do for your dog. Is your current dog food doing all of it? No? Almost? Then it’s time to change. It is time to enter the dog food jungle (again?). Don’t settle with anything less than perfection, because with the selection out there today, there must be a food that is perfect for your dog’s individual needs.

Changing your dog’s food can give him or her that extra energy that is needed to keep up with the activities you have planned for the two of you, and who knows, in the end you might be the one having to work hard in order to keep up with your dog? As it should be. If you pay attention it will be fairly easy to see if a food brand suits your dog or not, but it takes a bit of practice until you fully understand what to look for. Once you get it right – you might be surprised.

A tip is to do some research on different food brands. There are several great websites with detailed dog food reviews and analyses, which can help you get an idea of what ingredients to look for and what to perhaps avoid. It is however highly individual, so even if tips, research and recommendations can be a great help, it can’t do all the work for you. You need to know your dog, see how different foods affect him or her and make a decision for what you think works best. There is no universal “right answer” when it comes to dog food, but there is definitely a right answer for your dog. If you have already found something that works – stick with it, and if not – keep looking.

Just remember that some dogs might have a bit of a hard time changing from one food brand (or type) to another, so take it slow and change them over little by little. Your dog deserves the best, and when your dog feels good, strong and healthy, you tend to feel better too. Make sure you do everything you can in order to get to keep your fur babies for as long as possible. …Oh, and don’t forget to give them an extra hug today while you browse through the endless dog food information available on the web.



  • Thank you Janni.
    Dogs (and cats) are carnivores and NEED a Meaty diet. Many people buy pet food based on the price. The cheaper the brand, the less protein you will find.
    In the states, my research tells me that Blue Buffalo is the best quality for out beloved buddies.

    • Janni Ke Janni Ke says:

      I totally agree with you! It is scary once you start comparing ingredients in supermarket brands with quality food ingredients. I really love Blue Buffalo as well, and we used that brand while living in the States. However, they don’t sell Blue Buffalo in Sweden where we currently live, so we’ve been using Acana (Wild Prairie) for the past year or so. I have been extremely pleased with it, to be honest. I am currently experimenting a little with Earthborn Holistic, so let’s see how that goes. It really is a jungle out there, but as long as you know more or less what to look for in a food brand – it’s quite fun! What is a perfect fit for one dog might not be a perfect fit for another, but I do think all dogs deserve food with quality ingredients.

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