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The engagement story

Ahh, the romance of re-telling your engagement story. A tale that you recount to starry eyed grandchildren, giving hope to a new generation that true love and old fashioned romance is out there. It’s the movie moment come to life, the classic romance novel for real. Or at least so they say. On a recent girls night out, we all sat round the table sipping cocktails when the subject of engagement stories came up. My sipping immediately became glugging as I knew the inevitable moment was almost upon me. Time to share my story. Glug!

It started with a friend who recounted being whisked away by her boyfriend on a surprise holiday. This wasn’t your clichéd Eiffel Tower or sunset beach job either. It was a Safari Park. This gentleman clearly knew his intended well as she was ecstatic, being a huge animal enthusiast. Little did she know the surprise would get even bigger when he got down on one knee and proposed in the middle of the meerkat enclosure. It might now sound like everyone’s cup of tea but it created a memory that will last a lifetime, a moment to treasure that was truly significant in their lives. Cue the ‘ahhs’ as we envision cute doe eyed meerkats surrounding the two lovebirds. “Another cocktail please” Glug.

The next lady recounted a beautiful garden in some exotic location (I forget, remember I was downing cocktails at an alarming rate). A stunning pond which (again it probably wasn’t referred to as such but you get the gist) the lurved up couple embraced on a stepping stone in the middle of it (I kid you not, they were literally walking on water). Glug glug. The chap proposes in this picturesque location with a heartfelt, tear jerking speech. “Another cocktail, more cock, less ‘tales’ please.”

This was followed by a tale of a man who with much fore thought and consideration called the director of the LoveHeart Company and had customs ‘will you marry me’ sweets made for his beau. “Better make this a short.”  Now honestly, who is that organised? To this day my birthday present doesn’t get ordered till I nag my husband for the 100th time, grumbling that it’s only one day to go and then I press Pay Now on Amazon and order it myself.

And so it continued, there were tears, surprises, sunsets; you name it, until finally it was my turn. “I gate crashed his works Xmas do, got him good and drunk and in turn he said, ‘shall we go and buy a ring tomorrow then?’ I recounted. To silence. Followed by some awkward throat cleaning and “screw the cocktail, just hand me the bottle.”

So, it wasn’t a romantic proposal. In truth my hubby isn’t a romantic guy. But he loves me and I love him. I genuinely think that had he gone all soppy and got down on one knee I would have laughed at him for being a sap and thought he was winding me up. Our proposal story is like our relationship, honest, amusing and just a bit tipsy. At the end of the day it might not be one that is written about in sonnets, but hey, it did the job and we’re still happily married 5 years later.

Having said that, if you have a romantic engagement story to share, please comment below…I might be happy with how my turned out but that doesn’t stop me keeping an eye out for the story I’ll eventually tell the grand kids, it sure as hell ain’t gonna be, “Well your granny seduced your granddad when he was drunk and the next day she reminded his hungover ass that he had promised her a ring!”


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