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The best jobs for mums in 2016

Mothers have the toughest job in the world – raising children. However, bills need to be paid and you need the money for it. Since being a mother means devoting a lot of time to your children, you need to find a job with flexible times or better still, one that you can do from your home. Here are some job ideas for stay-at-home mums!

Multitask Woman

Dog watching

To start this type of business you need to carefully analyse your market to see how many people need this type of service and how big the competition is. If you want to start a smaller business, where you provide services only to your friends and neighbours you do not need to be licensed, however, if you want your business to grow, get licensed, prepare the paperwork and earn big profits. Finally, after everything is in place, you can build your website, start advertising your business and meet your clients.

Multi-Level Marketing

Multi-level marketing companies pay you to sell and market their products, usually through a word-of-mouth advertisement. Their products usually involve health and beauty products that everyone needs on a daily basis and give you the opportunity to earn big. To get involved in such a business you need to find a company aligned with your interests and apply. To become better at marketing and sales for any products you will need to go through multi-level marketing training, so you can properly advertise and make profit.

Social Media Manager

Ever since social media has become important part of our lives, companies started advertising their products there, however, not every company has the time and people to manage their social media accounts, which is a perfect opportunity for you. Start advertising yourself as a social media manager on popular freelance websites and start earning money. All you have to do is manage the social media account of a desired company, advertise their products and promote their services. A big advantage is having many followers on your own account because you can expand your work and profit network through it.

Gift Basket Making Business

If you are creative and know how to design and combine objects and colours, then the gift basket making business is perfect for you. From baby showers to corporate parties, these baskets can be suited for every occasion. According to the event, you need to know what gifts to buy, which decorations go with it and what types of bags and boxes you need. Simply throwing anything into the basket with a bow on is not suitable for this business. To advertise your products you can take photos and upload them on social media, have brochures and listings for every basket with their prices and you can sell them online or even in local shops.


Translators usually do their work from home, with strict deadlines. The most important requirement for translators is fluency in at least two languages, but some may require a bachelor’s degree. You can work as a freelancer and have more flexible time and the best places for finding work are online freelance websites. However, if you want to start a serious translating business you can open your own agency and earn big. You will need some help from other translators, editors and proof-readers, so you may have to hire people. By expanding your business like this you will have translations with better quality and your customers will be more satisfied.

It is hard being a mother, but sometimes you need to do something else just to keep your sanity and strength, not to mention still hang onto your own ambitions!


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