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The beauty brigade

So many beauty brands, products and price tags; how, exactly, is one supposed to choose between them? How is any woman supposed to sift through the mass of advertised ‘miracles’ and select the appropriately priced wonder product that is right for them?

It is time for a radical idea: we don’t. Instead of plastering ourselves in a bizarre concoction of make-up, creams and lotions, we could just…not.

Watch, read or listen to any advert regarding a beauty product; what do they all have in common? What does every single beauty product rely on? In reality, they all take advantage of one tiny thing: your flaws. Too many wrinkles? Try this cream. Uneven skin tone? Try this foundation. Too many zits? Try this lotion. Every single time we hand our hard earned cash over the counter, handed back is nothing more than a promise to exploit our insecurities to an even greater expense when these bottles and pots run out. 

But those wrinkles or sun-flecks or zits are not flaws, not really, they are just signs that you are a human; that you have been places and done real things. Covering them up is like declaring to the world, and the beauty manufacturers, that you do not have a right to show that you are happy…but you do!

Sometimes, it is nice to indulge in sweet-smelling silky creams and I am the first to reach out for the moisturiser when my face is a little itchy, but I am entirely confident that there is not a single man or woman in the world who deserves to be bullied into believing that they have flaws which need immediate, dramatic and expensive correction.

Look at your reflection in the mirror and tell yourself that you are happy and beautiful. Bin the ridiculous products, they do not work. They singe a giant hole in your purse and are packed full of chemicals, which destroy whatever skin you have got left. And, really, they do not make you feel any better about yourself.

Ladies and gentleman: it is time to stick two fingers up to the beauty brigade and wear your smile as your miracle product.

-The Happy Project


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