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That fight… Bey’s sister & JayZ

It is just me who was slightly glad that the elevator footage was leaked?

The most powerful couple in the music industry, who manage so well to keep their private lives PRIVATE. Then BAM! Her own sister attacks her husband and our minds are spiralling out of control, trying to figure out WHY it happened.

We see a perfect relationship, perfect little family, plenty of money etc etc.

Then you watch that footage.

It wasn’t just a slap either! Solange was going in for the kill! What made her so angry?! Why did Bee just stand there and not intervene? All these questions but no-one to answer them.

The proof is in the pudding. It doesn’t matter who you are, what you look like, how successful you are….

We all have sh*t to deal with!


  • I really didn’t like all of the ‘Well, it’s not fair that he wasn’t allowed to retaliate’ comments. I mean come on, he’s three times her size AND he had a bodyguard. She was out of order, but anybody yapping about ‘equality and that’ is being silly.

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