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Tell Me I’m Great

This is one of my favourite pieces I have ever written.Mainly because of the poem at the end. That poem explains so much more than just how I felt, but how so many of us lose or grow up without enough confidence. Everyone should constantly be made to feel like they are incredible and they can do anything.

Where to begin… It would be obvious to start with the beginning, I suppose, but where’s the fun in that? So I’ll start near the end (but not quite the end).

Recently I was told to watch a video of Ashton Kutcher giving a powerful and definitely inspirational speech which I’ve provided the link for here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FNXwKGZHmDc . It’s definitely worth a watch as what I’m going to discuss here is along the same topic.

See, recently quite a few people who are meant to be there for me, the ones that have been there from the beginning and are meant to stay until the end, well they’ve been comparing me to whatever illusion they have of me and what I should be doing or perhaps wish I was doing. I feel like I’m a failure to them despite the fact that I’m further along at my age than they were. I haven’t made masses vital mistakes, though I have definitely made a few. I haven’t gone to prison, dropped out of school or even taken drugs. Though on the flip side I haven’t made any philosophical outbreaks, created my own company or even moved out yet.

This brings me to another inspirational video I watched that discusses another topic but mentions similar attitudes which I would also recommend watching: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kSR4xuU07sc. It’s a woman called Ash Beckham talking about ‘coming out of your closet’.

Moving on I just want to emphasis the real point here… I’m 19. I believe that life is what you make it so I’ll do what I enjoy doing, rather than stressing myself out doing things that I hate. I’m not perfect and I still, and always will, make mistakes but at least I can admit to them. Even more to that – I can learn from them. I haven’t written any books yet, I haven’t got that far but I haven’t given up yet. I’ve made a lot of hard decisions and perhaps I didn’t make the right ones a lot of the time but I’m still here. To generalise this, I really believe you should do what makes you happy. Start where you want to start in life and if you have to start from the bottom, so be it. The best things in life may have to come from hard work and if you don’t want to work your way up, obviously they are not for you as you don’t want them badly enough.

See I’ve been made to feel like I’m not doing enough lately, even if that is true, I don’t think it’s fair. I shouldn’t be letting anyone make me feel like I’m failing just because I’m not doing it their way. I’m on my own path to whatever is my destiny, the same as everyone else is.

So for once, please, I ask that you don’t list all the things I’ve ever done wrong, or what I’m not doing and could be. Why don’t you for once let me know that I’m doing well?

From A Child’s Point of View 

Today I drew a picture

Tomorrow I will too

The next day I might not

But I drew them all for you

Today I stopped to listen

Tomorrow I probably won’t

The next day I might not

But you’ll never miss a note

See I never wanted pain

And I never wanted to hurt

But there was one thing missing

From my picture of the world

I wanted to be famous

I wanted to be rich

I wanted to be a singer

But I didn’t catch the drift

You never noticed what I did

In my eyes, all so small

I saw those painted pictures

In the bin across the hall.

So when I stopped my drawings

That stopped my confidence

As I only wanted someone

To smile, open their mouth

And tell my little self,


That I was great.


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