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A Teenager trapped in a Toddler’s body

My daughter is eighteen months old and very smart. She knows a lot more than she’s letting on. But she also likes to test the boundaries.

A week or so ago, I picked her up out of her cot. She did the usual reaching out for me and when I bend down she loops her arms round my neck and I scoop her out. It’s a nice little cuddle that I get. But then she let go when I had a hold on her and whacked her hands on both my cheeks – hard. Took me by surprise. And since then she takes any opportunity she can to attempt to tap me sharply, usually when I’m holding her and carrying her to and from the house and the car. I know it’s not a malicious thing and it’s just her seeing what she can get away with. But it still makes me go ‘ow’ when she does it.

I don’t get it with children. One minute they’re the nicest, cutest thing ever; and then they’re little terrors driving you to distraction. They will throw themselves onto the floor and roll around screaming and then stop and giggle at you when they get their own way. Even at such a young age they know how to twist adults round their fingers. I’ve gotten to the point where I’m likening toddlers to teenagers. They do seem to have the same parallels: they have mood swings, they buy nolvadex in australia always want their own way and they love to see what they can get away with. Whatever a toddler does, a teenager does something similar. And the outcome appears to be the same.

Only yesterday my daughter got her little chair against the side of the sofa and climbed up and over the arm, flopping onto the sofa. It’s a dilapidated thing as the springs have gone but I was worried that she might hurt herself and I told her ‘no’, which had her throwing herself onto the floor shrieking. Now I feel bad for telling her off for doing something fun but not necessarily safe. Teenagers would do exactly the same only make the stunt a bit more death-defying. And the outcome would still be the same; you’d feel incredibly bad for telling them off because they’ve thrown a ‘paddy’ as my partner would say. They’re certainly growing up too fast for us parents to keep up. I couldn’t keep track of the things my daughter gets up to. It makes my heart melt every time she does something that’s incredible, even the smallest thing as giving me something when I ask for it. So to think of her as a teenager before she’s two isn’t such a big leap.

Are toddlers teenagers in training? Or is it something else? We will never know. But I would love to know what’s going on in a toddler’s head. I’m sure we all would.


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