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Taylor Swift Goes Pop

Eight years ago a young country singer who played the acoustic guitar and wrote all of her own songs about love and breakups burst onto the music scene, her name was Taylor Swift. It was only after I watched her play her guitar in her music videos and listening to her music that I decided to give it a try.

It’s been six years now ever since I started to play the guitar and I owe it all to her. Playing the guitar is a big part of who I am. Taylor Swift introduced me to the world of Country music and I have been a fan of her since day one. However, after the release of her latest track ‘Shake it off’ and the announcement that her new album 1989 is going to be strictly pop, I can’t help but feel deflated.

I know that artists need to change their style and grow with their music but it doesn’t feel like Taylor. Watching the video of her trying too hard to be cute whilst attempting to twerk, it isn’t the country girl that inspired me all those years ago. She started to introduce the world to her pop sound two years ago when she released the quirky and catchy tune We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together. I wasn’t crazy about it at first but the track grew on me, so I’m hoping the same happens this time.

What I feel is unnecessary with Taylor Swift is the hate that she receives. I mean come on, if I had children, I definitely wouldn’t want Miley Cyrus as their role model but Taylor. I find her squeaky clean image, heartfelt lyrics and innocent persona endearing and she doesn’t deserve to be targeted by internet bullies. As Swift sings in her new video ‘Hates gonna hate.’ She never fails to laugh at herself which is the best way to be in my opinion.

I understand the reason behind her latest song but for me, it’s fallen flat. I am anxiously awaiting the following tracks and the album and hopefully it will change my mind. I guess I will have to wait until the end of October. What about everyone else? Are you fans of Taylor Swift and her music? What do you think of her latest song Shake it Off ? Comment below.


  • I love Taylor and country music! To be fair I felt ‘Red’ was a lot more pop-py than her other albums so I’m hoping that it won’t be a massive transition in 1989. ‘Shake it off’ is growing on me but I cringe when she says ‘sick beat’.xx

  • I agree. It just doesn’t seem like her type of song to sing xx

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