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Great flight

Take the jump

Jump when u still have the strength

The words still echoed in my head…..

When do we know when we need to jump?

Is an urge to jump enough or the consistent urge to jump does justice to the seriousness of the jump?

Wasn’t jump a momentary impulse? or was it the voice in our head, we hammer down each moment with the practical hammers of “needing to be strong”, “giving it one more chance” or ” not over reacting” and once in a while that feeble voice, gathers all the energy and asks us to jump followed by being squashed to pieces again.

When was the last time we took the jump?

At the bootcamp yesterday? Or did we tell the kick box instructor we couldn’t handle a jump as high as that….. when was the last time….. we translated the thoughtful jump to action…..

What worries you about the jump?

Did you jump too soon?

Was it right to jump?

Can you really take that jump?

What would people view your jump as?

What would you rather do? jump or let the thought jump on you every single day?

Contentment sometimes breeds complacency, a plaque that grows on you like a parasite and before you realise you are exploited, the parasite conveniently exonerates itself of the blame. And what succour would the blame be anyway.

Take the jump while you still can…… make mistakes while you still can….. live and breathe while you still can…..

A preserved can only holds the dead…..


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